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    Transmogs to match specific mounts?

    For me, a good mount is very much an extension of a good transmog set. But sometimes, a mount is just so cool, you want to make a set to match it, instead!

    Having just recently gone back to get the Paladin's class hall mount in Legion, I'm honestly a HUGE fan of the Highlord's VALOROUS Charger:

    I just LOVE the colors there. I've always preferred Paladins' "Light" being Blue instead of Yellow (such as the graphic for Devotion Aura), and the purple cloth accents give it a more regal, "knightly" appearance I think, as well.

    I wonder, any items or armor sets that come to mind that would match this well?

    And beyond there, any other cool Mounts that you guys think warrant their up matching transmog?
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