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    Long ago I made a shitpost about these hats, I can't believe it's come again.

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    Imagine having a daily need to /spit at people, just cause they get access to more stuff than you do, for reasons unknown (such as not having a prime sub), imagine being so butthurt, you have to emote your pain out on other people.

    I honestly cannot fathom whomever would even want to waste time with a /spit, seriously, if people have this item, great, let them have it. If you dont want it, and you dont like it, well move on, it shouldnt be so damn hard.

    For the record, this is a twitch prime reward, and these rewards have been there for ages, and now all of a sudden you're all pissy cause it's an ingame reward for World of Warcraft? Oh wow, talk about toxic players much. This just confirms that it aint blizzard who's toxic, it IS the players after all.

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    Why are people talking about spitting on players when basically everyone has prime? Most people will essentially get it for free. Not saying I ever condoned it, but this is nothing like the dark portal pass.

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    I wondered recently if these ugly things will make a comeback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twdft View Post
    I'd like to hear from anyone who bought the transmogs years ago, how they feel about them being available again now. I think the only problem they would have with it is being called a pay pig.

    Don't care myself.
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    I made the mistake of purchasing one of these way back when. I should have known better. I do now.

    I firmly believe today that ALL content should be acquirable purely from playing the game. That includes services like faction changes and server changes. If you want to include a cash shop for lazy people, fine, but it should be achievable in-game without having to pay a dime or use their "you're just making someone else pay for" coins.

    You're paying for each expansion, and you're paying a monthly subscription. That should cover everything.

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