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    Why not just keep CE available until dragonflight's prepatch? It's not like the bit of ilvl from the new fated raids is gonna be a big power gain compared to some things we've seen in the past like the legendary ring getting power in wod, the trinkets in legion and the corruptions in bfa, when cutting edge was still available.
    Because CE (and AOTC) by definition are "kill the last boss with the current tier's gear", not "outgear it by a tier and watch it fall over".

    You think 26 ilvl is "not a big power gain"? No offense, but, how are you a mythic raider and think that?

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    It's so blatantly obvious how many people commenting here have never set foot in a mythic raid in their life and act like they got their cutting edge months ago.

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    Hopefully next season will get some balancing as well. Right now ~70% of all 0.1% tanks are blood dks

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