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    Paulie Walnuts has died


    Fantastic character.

    Who can forget.


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    Probably the best character on The Sopranos after Tony and Sil. Maybe even better than Sil, tbh. Rest in Power, Tony Siricco.

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    My parents were watching Sopranos when I was 11, I was a kid who mostly went to play outside, but i snuck a few glances towards the tv. The acting was so good, I honestly thought my parents were watching a reality show about real gangsters, like Big Brother.

    I still don't think Tony Sirico was acting. He was a real gangster and a stick up artist after all before becoming an actor. Maybe even a murderer, but that was never proven.

    What a character. "You're not gonna believe this. He killed 16 Czechoslowakians. He was an interior decorator..... His house looked like shit".

    "We should have stopped at Roy Rogers.... And I should have fucked Dale Evans, but I didn't!"
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    My favorite line ever from the Sopranos was an exchange between Paulie and Chris:

    Chris, high off his ass: "Do you ever get the feeling nothing good in life is ever gonna happen to you?"
    Paulie: "Yeah, and nothing ever did. Now get up."

    He delivered the line so deadpan and matter of factly that it was one of those rare lines that makes you burst out laughing in an otherwise serious scene.

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