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So all these content creators had access to the alpha for a few days earlier and suddenly they all just make videos on the guild wars riding? Sounds like they were told what to push from Blizz, obviously.
Its the biggest feature besides drakthyr themselves. Any journalist would know ppl want to see how it works right off the bat

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Looks tedious and annoying. Though I don't care about the open world in wow so it's fair to say it's not for me. Hopefully they learned from sl and actually have a ripcord to pull this time rather then splattering on the country side.
Most people are excited. Not only is physics based flying more fun but having a limited form of flying that advances as u level it up is a great way to have elements of flying without completely trivializing exploration.

Honestly this whole issue really exposes a corrupt element of the player base. The argument for flying for day 1 has been a need to trivilize content. People acted as if it was a matter of travel time and accessibility, but here we have a way to allow people to do stuff like get around quickly and even go vertically but still naysayers.

The fact is the no pathfinder people dont want to play warcraft. They dont want to explore and discover and figure out adventure. They just want to find the quickest way to get to max lvl get gear asap so they can get their "i participated" trophy.

Im probably going to spend days just flying around. Id go into the first level of mario 64 just to fly around, i loved flight sim games like rogue one and the flying levels of shadows of the empire. People loved How To Train Your Dragon.

Its an objectively good thing and its ok if u arent excited but dont act like u dont know most people are going to enjoy it and why they are

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Last time I checked the more of a pain in the ass content is, the less inclined players will engage with it. If it's a chore then players will just look for other means of transportation. You don't need meaning for every destination and it will be lost after a thousand times anyways.
Well good news because thats not it.

Like each expansion we wont have pathfinder right away but we will soon have dragonriding which will allow u to get across the zone and to specific points alot easier. So it will be like other expansions but MORE accessible!

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Funny thing is, I fully agree that this will get old a few weeks in, the "they're all shills, nyeeeeeh!!" commentary was just completely unnecessary.

And tbh it already looks 10x better than normal flying which is: point to direction>auto fly>afk>tab in every few minutes to look if you reached/overshot your target.
Yep i frequently use mounts that have a soaring animation and try to treat it like nornal flight buts its immersion breaking that its basically just hovering. It doesnt feel like FLYING