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    Quote Originally Posted by micwini View Post
    So I get that this could be an issue, but I think it would be better for the discussion if you separated every single armor piece. That way it is easier to see what slots needs some attention. I would be curious what the %s would be then. Also keep in mind that while you only need to get 1 chest, you need 2 rings and 2 trinkets and also some classes need 2 weapons and/or shield.
    Also: Do Grimrail and Iron Docks really drop 25 rings and 20 necks each? That cant be correct, right?
    The OP is clearly a mage player and that is all they care about. So they're not going to add any more stats that would contradict their so called point.

    Also just complaining/worry/etc about a season that is short and to just to keep people playing is just silly. We should totally go back to SoO days, right?. /s

    All this QQ is just tiring people. sheeh

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    IKR, seems like OP also didn't play in WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puri View Post
    There is no need to get more into detail, that there might be 3 chests and 17 bracers is not even the issue here. The actual loot percentages that we require with two weapons or one weapon are:
    	Two	/One weapon
    Armor	56%	60%
    Weapon	13%	7%
    Ring	13%	13%
    Neck	6%	7%
    Trinket	13%	13%
    So these are the numbers that the distribution of items should roughly look like. And considering that weapons and trinkets have the greatest impact on our performance should also play a major role in the distribution.

    And yes, the numbers for the wod dungeons are correct. There are so many because they initially dropped as int/str/agi versions (;6951;0,;6951;0)
    I think in that case you should count the rings per primary stat. For example: As someone with str as main stat, I will not be eligible to receive agi or int rings from my vault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alroxas View Post
    Is it though? Originally you needed 30 "Fated" boss kills for the 1st dinar coin and as far as I know only 10~11 "fated" bosses are up per week (only 1 of the 3 raids will be designated as "fated").

    Meanwhile, M+ you could run 8 times as M+0 then almost infinite times as M+. Sure the drop rates aren't necessarily as high but also remember that M+ completion also factors into Great Vault.

    Additionally, even though Valor is being reset for Season 4, there's no cap to valor grinding so it's possible (while not advisable) to get a M+0 weapon then valor upgrade it to 12/12... Crazy but wow players aren't the always sane.
    They have reduced the required kills
    Essentially it's a two week quest for your BiS weapon
    A guarantee is always more likely than a % chance

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    Has anyone seen it clarified yet if the old (SL) dungeons will still be available in zeros and if their pieces will be upgradeable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Man View Post
    They have reduced the required kills
    Essentially it's a two week quest for your BiS weapon
    A guarantee is always more likely than a % chance
    Yes that's why I said "Originally". Since the announcement, they have reduced the total number of kills but I haven't seen anywhere reported to say that it's 2 weeks for 1st dinar.

    Second, sure it's your BiS weapon (assuming BiS comes from raid) at Normal ilv. If you want that in heroic/mythic, you'll still need to kill the appropriate number of bosses in heroic/mythic.

    In the end, it doesn't really matter as much but details are important to those who might be coming back for season 4.
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