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    Would you like more content like Isle of Quel Danas?

    Would you like more content like Isle of Quel Danas? Where the collective effort of players has impact and change the world? Maybe they can do it all over the world.

    There will be multiple progress like in Isle of Quel'danas and maybe this time the impact could be reversed if the players lose or not do the quest anymore. So doing the quest remains having an impact even if players reach max progress. Maybe it gets even harder at max progress. Max/higher objective would be world bosses or outdoor dungeons. Wiping/dying on monsters helps reverse the progress.

    Then there would be reward along with the world change too. Like buffs, daily trickle of gold and profession mats. Along with new quest. Losing progress made will take away their rewards.
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    They did that in legion with the daily efforts building the Mage Tower, etc. Doesn't really make things more interesting.

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    I believe that the Argent Tournament, Flame Front, and Isle of Thunder were repeats of the same idea of gradual server-wide progress, and they were all good.

    It would be nice to have a world that is more reactive to what is actually being done in the world, but... how would that work in a satisfying manner, exactly? If it is the current content, it would always be done, so it doesn't matter then and such a system would rather have to be for when that content falls out of relevance... at which point, by definition it doesn't really matter anymore, and how exactly would the reactivity be implemented to actually be satisfying, noticeable, or interactive to the individual player?

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    I want something the same, but different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    I want something the same, but different.
    I want to Chromie to use her timewarping abilities to ensure Arthas was victorious during the events of ICC so we can have a new expansion titled "More Wrath from the Lich King", where half of the EK and Kalimdor have succumbed to plague and undeath and we are fighting a tireless battle against waves of undead champions and their servants.

    Of course this doesn't erase the terrible SL lore, but Arthas is sexy, so I have to support him.
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    Maybe there would be rewards along with the progress/world change. Like buffs that increases gold gain or increases health regeneration when out of combat or increases xp gain. Or maybe directly rewarding gold or profession mats to everyone.
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    I want players grouped in covenants distributing their resources over zones with weekly perks going to the covenant that performs the best for each zone.

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    Not really, they had that at Broken Shore and it was whatever.

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