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    Let me know when LFD comes and I'll be there

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    If omar was still on the team he would've found a way to make it work
    He seemed to put some actual effort into the project. These clowns put forth the absolute bare minimum. It's amazing how little resources are being put into Wrath Classic...the most popular version of the game. And we get this shitshow of incompetence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    How old are you jesus?
    I'm 30, lol.

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    The only reason for Wintergrasp changes that makes sense imo, is that there are not enough Alliance players. But they don't want to admit that.

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    What is dead and smells like Arthas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ONCHEhap View Post
    You're genuinely delusional if you think this will rise in value so much.

    Just because something is old and rare doesn't mean it's worth anything, you need people actually willing to pay for it. Overwatch simply was never something people cared that much about and no one will be willing to spend a lot of money on cheap plastic figures for a character sold to promote the mostly irrelevant "sequel" of a game that will be forgotten about
    If they succeed in "reviving" Overwatch, then this can be worth a lot in the future. The exclusive Diablo statues (that I had missed at the time) were 600$ I think, I couldn't find any for less than 1300$ when I was looking for one. I didn't really want to pay 1300$ for a second-hand so i kinda gave up and bought other statues instead (now i'm lacking room haha).
    Edit: there is one at 1750 and one at 2500 now... duh
    And the nightmare edition was simply impossible to find, so if someone was looking for it, you could have sold it for 3k I suppose.

    Diablo, despite being a successful franchise, is not extremely popular right now (especially with all the recent debacles), yet those things can still sell extremely well. It's just not the kind of investment where you control when/how much you'll sell because of the lack of demand. There is a much smaller demand but a much more dedicated one.
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    Apparently riot has their own issues.
    Had. I think their issues got fixed. Now it is Blizzard's turn. They have NOT fixed their issues. I think Blizzard is still grabbing ass and stealing breast milk. Hence why a lot of people are scared that Dragonflight might not be good. Blizzard's focus is still distracted by all their ass grabbing.
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