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    Red face [Music] Pantera reunion - coming 2023


    Sry for not posting the full article here, posting from smartphone.

    I think its good, that one band i wish i can see live, despite the bad reaction it caused over Internet.

    I hope they come to brazil on its tour

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    Unless they've found a way to resurrect Dimebag and Vinnie...it isn't a reunion.
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    I think it should be marketed more as a celebration than a reunion for obvious reasons. Vinnie and Dime were the heart of Pantera. I got to see Vinnie one time a few years before he died with Hellyeah which was really cool. Such a good dude. I'm happy they are getting Zakk Wylde to fill in for Dime. Dude is amazing on the axe.

    That all being said if it comes through my town I'll go. Would love to see Phil and Rex, I love almost everything they've done since Pantera.

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    This is great news... I LOVE Pantera.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Midnight Bomber View Post
    Unless they've found a way to resurrect Dimebag and Vinnie...it isn't a reunion.
    This. /thread

    Phil just needs some more money for coke.

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