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    Just healer things ~

    Everyone gets a panic button for the mistake of pvp - not that it'll make much of a difference in the end.
    If you knew the candle was fire then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilithvia View Post
    Waiting for you to show where I've even remotely made that my argument. the class is broken because it has an undocumented mechanic attached to an escape mechanism that clearly should not be there unless it is documented.
    So by this logic you'd be happy if it just stated "breaks stuns" in the text. It's alpha for crying out loud. I'm not sure what happened to make you feel the need to post here where it will make no difference to the game but you're clearly not being reasonable.

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    I cant touch them so they op. Meanwhile they also cant touch you until they reach 25 yards. Easy af to counter. Just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose184 View Post
    it's a hero class. It's supposed to be op for the xpac
    Nope, it isn't. That said, we aren't even closely for number balancing.. The OP sees the class on the alpha, it has too high numbers, NERF IT NERF IT NERF IT. Sorry, but that is bullshit; mechanically the class needs to work, numbers tuning is the easiest thing they can do; even after the release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gestopft View Post
    Wait, Monk came out OP?
    No, people just like to complain and hate on new things.

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