Poll: Do you want mobile pet battles?

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    Would anyone else want mobile pet battles?

    Just wondering if im crazy and shortsighted but, I would really like the ability to do pet battles on my cell phone.

    Id even pay an extra fee for it but thats me.

    What do you guys think?

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    I stopped caring about pet battles in mop so my answer is no (I don't care).

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    Meh! if they maintain it and carry it over expansions, not like companion who will be dead for Dragonflight content, probably...who knows! fidelity is build with trust and time

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    As an achievement Hunter that is absolutely dreading the day I’m required to start farming 5000 PvP pet battles (I have zero…) - yes please, this would boost participation and make it much more bearable.

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    Should've been a thing a long time ago... would've made the PvP a lot more bearable.

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    I would actually enjoy it. Also a possibility to walk around and obtain pets would be nice.

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    it was what i thought they were making when they talked about a wow themed mobile game.
    are anyone even playing the wow mobile game they made?

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    No, let this feature die already. It's never been "relevant" nor fun to me anyway.

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    This is not fun matchmaking.

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    It's quite fun finding wild pets and at some point I did enjoyed it. But I don't care anymore now. So, nope!

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    I'm not sure..
    A mobile version fits the theme of pet battles, but who/what should we battle?

    I'm not a PvP'er, at all.. I have done less than 5 fights against players. I hate every PvP aspect in ALL games.

    Playing against trainers? They got old, years ago.
    Playing against wild pets? For what? XP? BORING!!

    A mobile version is simply a decade too late by now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rad1um View Post
    Just wondering if im crazy and shortsighted but, I would really like the ability to do pet battles on my cell phone.

    Id even pay an extra fee for it but thats me.

    What do you guys think?
    If Blizz took a completely independent team and did that, I wouldn't care in the least. It's a fairly dumb feature of WoW as it is, but I understand people like Pokemon-light.

    If Blizz would take an arm of the WoW crew to build it, I would be absolutely opposed. One of the biggest problems of this game is lack of content. I'm tired of 4 dungeons leveling and only 8 at max level. They are like drug dealers that originally sold us on high quality (16 dungeons and many raids) and are now watering down what they offer just enough to keep addicts coming back for every patch. Hard pass.

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    All I do is pet pvp

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    My iPhone is a toaster that can't even run the Youtube app anymore, but I'm all for it.

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    I mean..I can easily just get Pokemon Emerald on my phone for a better experience

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    They just cancelled one that was in the making a while back so i doubt they will ever try making one again.

    Do you hear the voices too?

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    noo, i don't care

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    If any wow mobile needed reasons to be made, it would be this so yes. WoW pet battles that will integrate with wow accounts
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    Integrated with your wow account yes. I can't play wow at work but this would be something constructive I could do during lunch etc.

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