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    Alpha Disc builds

    Here's what I'm looking at:-


    Focus is on empowering PW:S and the Holy side of Atonement healing coverage, with as many bonuses to Smite/Penance/Purge The Wicked as possible to increase DPS, atonement healing output and shield/atonement uptime. A few points to get mindbender for mana purposes too.

    I must say, on paper it looks like there's a good opportunity for builds that lead to something more akin to the MOP style disc (higher DPS and atonement healing output).

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    I've tried building the opposite- very low Atonement reliance, focus on shields and direct healing. A return to Wrath-Disc.

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    I just wish there was a way to 'turn off' the duration of Atonement, rather then it being a buff you have to constantly maintain.

    I understand that it helps keep the Priest directly interacting with the Tank they're healing, but I feel that there are better ways to do that

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    @Rustov It's certainly nice to be able to go in different directions. I was skeptical at first, but the new talent system might just work (as long as the big rotation/play style changing abilities are kept to mutually exclusive branches for balance reasons).
    @Frinata That could be as simple as Blizz adding an end tier talent choice that says something like :

    Option 1 - Power Word shield now has a 8 second Cooldown, but your damaging spells now heal 10 most injured targets within 40yds for X*50% of the value normally healed to targets with Atonement". (I.e. limiting targeted full-fat Atonement and PW:S coverage to just tanks probably, but allowing more globals to be used for smites and still doing some solid smart healing to the raid).

    Option 2 - Your damaging spells heal the 5 most injured friendly targets withing 40yds of the target for X% of the damage done (rather than healing every target with Atonement active)

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    My issue, since the MoP revamp and Atonement becoming the mainstay of the spec, is I can't effectively handle healing and dps at the same time. I struggle with the number of keybinds, my work has already destroyed my hand/wrist and contorting to reach so many different abilities puts it in pain. The spec requires you to pay attention to friendly health bars, hostile health bars, and fire on the ground, and I can only handle two of the three at once. The healing from Atonement just never felt sufficient to allow me to focus on dpsing either, idiots in my groups would drop dead while I'm waiting for Smite to finish casting.
    I hope the new tree will allow me to sit back and focus on healing. I can handle very high apm, and prefer a style of "shield/flash spam everyone until Penance comes off CD to make everything better". I don't play Mythic or high keys, so hopefully, it'll be viable for me.

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    Rustov, I am sorry for the bad news but the way disc is played now is the way it is remaining unfortunately. They can't balance absorb mechanics to save their life's. I gave up on disc after legion rework after 4 expansions of disc priest I had to make my resto druid main . The only version of the disc priest remained loyal to their old school fans are on classic , wrath was at the peak of discipline priest in my opinion, when you could easily play it and have an important role with both direct heals and shields. The version we got now is lackluster in pug groups where you're average puger steps in all but safe zones where he/she never intrerupts and never does mechanics for the sake of completing his/her rotation of dps . Worst of all disc priest is balanced only around top 1% elites performance and slave meta.

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