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    Druid: Balance. Suggestions. + overall (Dragonflight)

    Hi folks!

    First post ever on this platform even though i've been playing forever. Been keeping up though.

    So.. i was watching the new dragonflight talents (druid caught my eye), and i've a few suggestions.. just some thoughts:

    Small stuff like: Umbral Intensity and Stellar Inspiration (balance tree) switching places.. (seems far more obvious that way).

    Also.. on the overall druid skill tree, i feel like Treants belong. Not just for Balance druids..

    Could be something like...

    Specialization bonus:

    Balance treants, ranged wrath casting treants with insta root (like.. was it MoP? 1 charge, possible to take a second charge in the skill tree)
    Resto treants, alternating between regrowth and wild growth at 40% effectiveness, with a 8% chance to dispell the target healed. 1 charge. (cd lowered by 4 sec every time you dispell- talent).
    Feral treants, applying a stackable bleed that also slows the enemy for 5% movement speed each hit, stacking up to 10 times. (Rip talent that lowers the cooldown by 0.4 sec pr. rip tick)
    Guardian treants, bulky version with tougher armor and hp pool, decent melee dmg that taunts all enemies within 8 yards, every 8 sec, for the remaining duration. (taunt lowers the cd by 4 sec-talent)

    Thought that would give incentive to taunting more, dispelling more.. where as balance, would have two charges, and feral would keep their bleeds up.

    I also feel like the balance talent that alternates between the different eclipse is kinda cool.. and feel like there should've been a talent to buff starfire dmg by 150% instead of the aoe component, for raid and pvp scenarios. Right now, it hits like a wet noodle. Or perhaps even for Wrath.. depending your playstyle.

    Just some thoughts while waiting for Dragonflight! I don't expect anyone to see this.. i just wanted to share it with you guys anyway.


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    Do you guys have any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayqt View Post
    Do you guys have any suggestions?
    Just one.

    Always post stuff like this on the official forums. Nothing will happen if you just post here.

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