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    [Gehennas] - <zero inspiration> recruiting for WOTLK

    We have literally been waiting 10 years for this...

    TLDR: we smash shit and I yoink all loot. I know it's a bit too long, apologies.

    • Exceptional players of all classes are still considered

    Who are we?

    Our core of 14-15 players currently consists of numerous realm first achievements across multiple WOTLK servers tracking back all the way from 2013, including buffed WOTLK servers. Can you imagine a group of tryhards literally playing the same expansion for 10 years?. We have lost members along the process and therefore looking to fill up our missing spots as of now before the launch of WOTLK in order to get a stable core ready.

    Loot System - Loot Council (Rotating Loot Councils)
    Raiding Days/Hours - Wed/Sun 20:00 SVT

    What should you expect?

    • Extremeeeely chill and loose raiding environment - YOU WILL HAVE TO HANDLE SOME TROLLING but we are very nice and friendly people. Our raiding is extremely loose and as much as we are all performing to the best of our abilities, our comms may go super off topic randomly during boss fights. When the time comes however, we will always make sure to perform accordingly and keep the professionalism to level.

    • Killing Bosses - Yes

    • A Decade of Experience

    What should we expect?

    • Knowledge of Class, Spec and encounters - We know the current Wotlk content is very easy mechanically which in this case leaves a lot of room for minmaxing your character during fights and maximizing your uptime and performance. We expect everyone to minmax their gear as well as their style of play in order to pump out as much as possible from their respective class.

    • Communication - Working microphone is not a must but it is always a bonus if you have one. Mandatory as certain roles.

    • Attendance - As obvious as this may be, this is crucial for our progression. . We understand that people do not like to sit on the bench in case a spot does open up so our main focus is high attendance to keep the same core as much as we can throughout the process. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend raids, obviously that's never a problem as long as you let us know beforehand.

    If interested, add Batu#0658 on Discord.
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    Recruitment REOPEN for:

    - 1 Mage
    - Big Enha Pumper

    Exceptional players regardless of class are always considered.

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    Recruitment currently open for:

    - 1 Aff Lock
    - Recruitment FULLY open for second roster (Also in need of some backup raiders for main roster)

    Exceptional players regardless of class are always considered.

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    Recruiting everything for second roster (Except Tanks)

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    Current spots open for 2nd roster:

    Druids - Boomie and Resto

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