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    What will you name your Dracthyr?

    I'll name mine Balthromaw in honor of the Rick and Morty episode about dragon vibrators.

    What will you name yours and why?

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    If you get that reference you get a cookie.
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    I also have Liftshertail saved if I want something even more specific.

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    Pyraxes for Alliance. Haven't thought of a Horde name yet.
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    Drakonid for obvious reasons.

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    I’ve “saved” several dragon related names on lv 1 alts over the years, so Bahamut is the current favorite to be used. I would prefer to reuse one I already have in use by a room I don’t really plan on playing into the next expac, but don’t feel like buying a rename and then having to scramble to “reserve” it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatgunn View Post

    I also have Liftshertail saved if I want something even more specific.
    This is what I imagine playing Skyrim on max settings is like on Switch

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    Based on the final skin-color I will choose, I'll go with something with the suffix of that flight's color

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    A very cool signature text.

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    Reserved Ebonwing, but will be thinking of and reserving other names as well when I can think of them. Bahamut is definitely a good one, might try to snag it on my realm when I can.
    The world revamp dream will never die!

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