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    is the playstyle exactly the same like in shadowlands?

    I don't like how classes work and play in shadowlands. any alpha tester who can tell if there are major differences? that was my biggest hope.

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    No, there are no significant changes to current specs that change play styles of current specs.

    Other than Evokers, that is.

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    A ton of past abilities from even MoP are returning, for warrior it seems at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyWarrior View Post
    A ton of past abilities from even MoP are returning, for warrior it seems at least.
    Warrior isn't the only one, as there are talents/abilities from MoP returning to other classes. Also, there's Legion abilities/legendary powers returning for some, as well.

    However, it's still a bit early in the alpha to know how it'll play out in the end. You can make some connections, though, based upon what's available. There are some legit "finally! We've been wanting this back for a long time!" changes, but there's also "Well... it was great ability back in the day, but the game/class/spec has changed to where it's not as desirable as it once was (or not at all). That's one of the main issues you'll run into with returning abilities: they tended to be tied to game systems/items/balance that neither exists on live nor will exist in Dragonflight. Furthermore, accessing these abilities can be very arduous depending upon their placement in the talent tree, to where the opportunity costs isn't worth losing points in other talents.

    Again, I'll reiterate that it's still alpha right now, but some returning talents/abilities will likely need to be changed (either with respect to power and/or talent tree placement) in order to be attractive in Dragonflight.
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