PvP-Focused Guild With Raiding| Alliance | Hardcore Attitude With Casual Time Commitment | Friday/Sat 10:00pm - 1:00am EST (7:00pm - 10:00pm ST)

Grobbulus is one of the last remaining North American PvP realms with a relatively even faction ratio. Per the most recent statistics, it is 52% Horde and 48% Alliance. The world PvP scene is extremely active, with the Isle of Quel’danas being a bloodbath a lot of nights. If you’re interested in Wrath World PvP, or PvP in general, Grobbulus is rapidly becoming the principle home for it in the next expansion. The other “mega” servers such as Benediction and Pagle are practically PvE realms due to having 99.9% of one faction. I truly believe there is nowhere else to engage in the truest Classic Wrath experience than Grob.

If you’re planning on leveling - the Joyous Journeys buff is now active, increasing experience from ALL SOURCES by 50%. I just leveled my alt rogue from 55 to 56 in 35min last night in Western Plaguelands. Absolutely nutty.

If you’re planning on boosting - there will be a Level 70 boost available in the new few weeks as part of the Wrath of the Lich King prepatch. Feel free to make a character now for name reservations.

If you’re planning on transferring - We’re happy to have you at any point between now and September 26th. The guild has about 140 members but activity is low during this last phase. Most people are coming back for prepatch / Wrath.

We realize that there are F R E S H realms coming out, but for those of you that would like to transfer over existing level 70s that are on now “dead realms” or those of you that would rather come back for Wrath on a long-established server with an active community and near-perfect faction balance, I would contend that Grobbulus is a safer bet than the new realms Blizzard is producing (not throwing shade, I hope they work out longer than a few months!).

About Us:

We were formed by about eight friends that have been playing both Classic and Retail WoW together for many years. We struggled to find a guild with competent, high parsing players that didn’t treat the game like a second job. It felt like our options were always casual guilds with sub-par performance or sweaty try-hard guilds that required mandatory alts and split raids and speed runs. Where’s the middle ground? Where are the highly competent players that want to treat WoW like a game and not a second job? So we made our own guild! With blackjack and prostitutes! We have arena teams, we coordinate premade Battlegrounds, we have World PvP nights and with enough interest we even run in-house dueling and wargame tournaments.

Loot System:

We currently use LootReserve to coordinate a 2 SR MS > OS loot system. No loot council, no GDKP, no drama. Choose the two drops you’re most interested and roll against other people that chose the same. If an item hasn’t been reserved by anyone, it’s a free roll MS > OS. Easy, transparent and fair.


We currently have one 10man raid roster ready to go, we’re looking to fill out a second and fill out our 25man raid roster. We are looking to recruit about 15-20 core raiders for Wrath, slightly more than we need but we want to be flexible with 10man and 25man rosters. We have the following recruitment priorities:

Prot Paladin, Feral Tank, Prot Warrior: HIGH
Holy Priest: HIGH
Arcane or Fire Mage: HIGH
Demo Warlock: HIGH
Holy Paladin: Medium
Resto Druid: Medium
Mutilate or Combat Rogue: Medium
Balance Druid: Medium
Enhancement Shaman: Medium
Feral DPS: Medium
Retribution Paladin: Medium
The guild also hosts events such as premade BG nights, city raids and with enough interest dueling and arena tournaments (usually in-house). We will have groups doing achievement runs in the heroic dungeons and blasting out dailies. We have an active and dynamic Discord community, an experienced officer core of eight long-time officers and a ton of WotLK knowledge to bring into the next expansion.

If you’re looking for a PvP guild that also clears the raids weekly, you have a hardcore attitude for performance but a casual attitude about scheduling and time-commitment and you’re looking for a vibrant, active community to crush through WotLK with please consider us in your search.

Our discord: XrU34C5JT9
Officer Real ID: TheBlindOne#11271
Officer Real ID: Singularity#11279
Officer Real ID: Lizardking#1160