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    Mostly disagreed.

    1)the paths aren't randomly designed. They usually have some cohesive logic (single target dmg, raid style healing, competing abilities that are interesting if taken together but hard to, so some times it'll be good and sometimes you're better off focusing a path).

    2)its not that cluttered. Most of the nodes are pretty simple and if you cba figuring it out, go to a guide, that's what they're for (but absolutely not needed). They're less cluttered then having it all bunched up in different azerite/soulbind/covenant picks, and easier to replace.

    3)its not all that hard to balance then current form, and possibly easier when its a single system that interacts with itself rather then 3 seperate "talent options" in SL/bfa (regular talents, covenants, soulbinds, azerite, azerite essences...).

    4)You'll need to switch them around for mythic raiding fights and perhaps for arena, in m+ you can't, and anywhere else you won't need to. That's called options, and legitimate options can breed fun. You're unlikely to suffer from this in any way.

    5)I liked mop too but because it had really cool class gameplay and warlocks were extremely well designed. That can still be the case, interesting talent trees don't stop blizz from reproducing that, rather an intentional desire to make rotations shallow and limited to "st/aoe". If they wanted to, we could have had both awesome class gameplay and awesome talent trees, but at least we get one.

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    It's caused by every spec having to do everything and having the same tool.

    I don't care about balance if the game is fun. I'm not saying the new change is good or bad as I have no clue. But I preferred the old style where you needed a specific class to do something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Not only this requires a blue source, but even then, after two massive sessions of skill pruning plus the completely ineffectual "unpruning" of SL, it's a quite bold statement to make. One that they could very well walk back on at any time, on top of that.
    They said this in the video where they announced dragonflight and explained the philosophy behind the system.

    But of course, they could backtrack at any point which is why I said: "whether they will properly maintain this down the line remains to be seen but on paper this system is as good as it gets in order to both keep gaining new stuff without having to give them up and simultaneously not having ability bloat."

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    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    I absolutely despise talent tress for the following reason:

    1) You need to look up the randomly designed singular motherfucking path and progress along in order to be able to unlock the one ability you like.
    I mean, I suppose that's one way to look at it.

    2) It's cluttered as fuck: too many choices and you always feel like fuck I'm missing one of my most important abilities now!
    Cluttered, maybe - missing out, you're already doing that now when you're forced to decide between 1 of 3 talents per row.

    3) It's a nightmare to balance! 38 specs and 13 class trees on top of it: Just how the absolute fuck does Blizzard expect to keep them balanced?
    The exact same way they do it now. Absolutely nothing's gonna change.

    4) Players literally forced to always change talent points now. On a per pull basis. Imagine the time it takes to re-talent every single fucking button you have in raids.
    Non-argument because you're supposed to do that with the curret talents already. Difference being that you now might spec into Blessing of Freedom or not - but it's not like you're gonna respend 20 individual points per fight - there's presets for that.

    5) Imagine the time and resources this clusterfuck takes away which could be spent on other areas of the game. Every time I open up WoWHead I'm bombarded with a FULL PAGE of class and spec talent changes now.
    Duh. It's alpha. Shit's obviously gonna be done eventually.

    Who the fuck even cares?
    Apparently not you.

    Just give us the tools to play our class and spec and be done with it.
    They're right there int he talent tree. Pick them up.

    Why bring it back now?
    Obviously specifically to annoy you and not because there's plenty of people that disagree with your take.

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