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    WoTLK Macros

    Can anyone recommend a site or sites that has useful macros that will work in wotlk classic?

    The sites I have used before have macro code that has been updated since wotlk and I can't get to work on the current beta.

    I used to play a feral druid in wotlk and had a set of core macros that were an essential part of playing. Both feral druid and ret paladins get huge makeovers and gameplay can be significantly assisted with useful macros (and no Im not talking about the old 1 macro for dps for ret paladins).

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    You're better off searching for Retail macros for proper formatting, since Classic is running on a form of Legion code all its macro stuff is the same as Retail. What macros are you trying to make? Someone here might be able to help you make them.

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