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    Cool Tauren will be a Rogue god in Dragonflight

    The racials speak for themselves, Tauren will be the hordes best dps by far, the only other race that comes close is Blood Elf.

    2% crit damage bonus, aoe stun on short cast timer and more hp.

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    Update: blizzard is looking at buffing/balancing some racials for few races.

    Tauren master race hype!.

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    Sneakyhooves is reserved.

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    Only if they can paint their toenails red so they can hide in the apple trees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma77 View Post
    Sneakyhooves is reserved.
    Changed my name to "Byron", just waiting for DF to Faction change; from Kul Tiran to Tauren...!

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