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    Trying to make a seemingly easy Weakaura, Need some help

    I have been trying to find a way to unsheath my weapon when I go into stealth on my rogue and figured a macro would do it and I found this one...

    /run if IsStealthed() ~= (GetSheathState() == 1) then ToggleSheath() end
    /cast Stealth

    It works but I use the classbar with a keybind because it's convenient. So I decided a weakaura might be better because of the custom code maybe it's possible for it to detect when the stealth aura is and is not activate then run ToggleSheath.

    I found a weakaura that seemed to have done this but didn't work for me. I tried messing with it and got it semi working but it only ran the animation didn't actually unsheath my weapons.

    I have zero knowledge on codding so I have trial and erroring my way the past hour with only semi or temporary success.

    If there is a way to get this to work the last thing I'd want to make this perfect (at least for myself) would be to sheath when out of combat which I figure should be possible since you can make weakauras that detect your combat state.

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    Weakaura's can dectect your state but not press buttons.

    /run if IsStealthed() ~= (GetSheathState() == 1) then ToggleSheath() end
    /cast [nocombat,stance:0] stealth
    I'm running this macro, won't unstealth you if you multi press/click it.


    Maybe something like this could work as custom trigger. At work atm can't test it now.

    function(self, event, ...)
    	if IsStealthed() ~= (GetSheathState() == 1) then ToggleSheath()
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    Tried replying last time and it said it was pending moderator approval or something don't know if this will show or not.

    Couldn't get it work and after messing around and trying to simplify it and most I have accomplished is so far is random unsheathing and other times it plays the unsheathe animation randomly but doesn't actually unsheathe the weapons.

    EDIT: Okay so I kinda got it working I did this...

    Type: Custom
    Event Type: Event
    Event(s): UPDATE_STEALTH (I was meaning to mess with this but something happend so it's semi working anyways)
    Custom Trigger:

    function(self, event, ...)
    if IsStealthed() ~= false then ToggleSheath()

    Now for whatever reason when I stealth it actually draws the weapon, the problem is it randomly puts them back away while in stealth. But every type I turn on stealth with weapons sheathed they will unsheathe.

    EDIT 2: So I changed the timer to Custom and did this for Custom Untrigger...

    function(self, event, ...)
    if IsStealthed() ~= true then ToggleSheath()

    Just the changed false to true dunno if this was needed to begin with but it sheaths when not in stealth and unsheathes when I enter stealth. So unless there is a better way for me to handle this the next issue I'm exploring is how to trigger it when I'm out of combat since your weapons will still be drawn out of combat meaning I just need to the sheath command to run again.
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    I'm glad you got it working but I decided to give it a shot and give you what I consider a fairly simple/clean implementation.

    It uses the trigger tab to check for the stealth buff and the actual sheath toggling happens in the actions tab.

    Please take a look if you're curious.


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    Thanks it's definitely a cleaner way than what I did. I'm still trying to figure a way to get combat status to work with it because I found a weakaura someone set for just that without stealth for TBC and it works along side what I have for retail. I figure there is probably a way to put it altogether.

    I plan to expand on this with whatever is possible really because after reading some events on wowpedia's api event page I noticed a lot more can be done for this. Example would be combat and swimming (because swimming will sheathe when you move and I know there is events for player moving and when stopped) as I found events on there that may work if I figure out how to correctly type them.

    Then maybe a more complicated setup for crimson vial while stealthed as it also sheathes your weapon.

    End goal is to accomplish this and upload it for others because I noticed people have asked about this on different sites but nobody had a way to do it or just said use the keybind. Well now it can be done and weakaura has made it easy so I'll keep messing around see what I can get working.

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