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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    What? Warlock is still EXTREMLY tanky...
    Also why would you need armor in PVE?
    if you want armor that is in PVP and that is a pvp talent.
    "Drain life used to actually heal you in legion unlike now"
    Bro what the fuck?

    i feel like your complaint is "I cant be unkillable and press drain life to instantly heal to full"

    Warlock is still the tankiest dps caster class, and one of the tankiest classes in general, with tons of defensives, self heal, and damage reduction capabilites, we commonly compete with tanks for hp, and have default leech and shield, which means the more damage you deal the harder you are to kill.

    and lastly what glyph in mop gave you a "passive 27% damage reduction" looking at the list not a single one of these does fucking anything close to that, dark apotheosis, the closest thing was not a "passive" it was a form you had to go into that drastically reduced your dps, making you an offtank.
    and that was only 10% phsyical, 15% magical...

    I feel like you have this weird rose tinted goggle versions of warlcoks that just never fucking existed of them being unkillable gods, with insane amounts of armor, damage reduction, and self healing.
    We have always had a fair bit of each, but not to the extreme you are describing, proven by the fact you think we literally had a GLYPH that decreased damage taken by fucking 27%!?
    Like bro, our tank spec gave us 10/15%, at the cost of a massive dps loss.
    Soul link plus grimoire of sacrifice plus glyph. 27% DR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    Soul link plus grimoire of sacrifice plus glyph. 27% DR.
    So that is not glyphs, that is 2 talents and a glyph.

    lets look at live right now at the talents.

    Hmmm soullink still exists 20% damage reduction...
    Huh thats funny i cant see it on the talent tree
    oh yeah cause its baseline, you dont even need to spend talent points.

    demon skin, a 15% shield ontop of your max health that passivly recharges 1% per 2 seconds, and also grows with your dps.
    dark pact, 1 min CD, consumes 20% of your current hp to gain a shield worth 2.5X that amount sacrificed. so 100k hp=20k sacced=50k shield.
    Mortal coil heals for 25% more then it did in mop

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    Quote Originally Posted by gd8 View Post
    So sayeth the ministry of truth
    I love the reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    We used to have some passive stuff that increased our armour a bit, and some passive straight off damage reduction, you could glyph into 27% passive damage reduction during mop which was neat. Drain life used to actually heal you in legion unlike now. Also increased stamina. What changed?
    Whenever I play my warlock, I end up missing the Legion version Affliction. That spec was just insane!

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    Drop the offtopic discussion and personal attacks.

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    because from Wrath > WoD I got and stayed at 1700 arena rating in 2's, by myself...

    affliction lock could easily take down any class solo (at least i could) and against certain comps, easily take down 2 as well.
    fear, dot, run, hide. drain life as they get closer. fear, dot, run, hide. drain life as they get closer. fear, dot, run , hide. match over...

    to echo someone elses comment earlier - Peee Veee Peee is the answer
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    warlocks still are way tankier than most other classes. Have you ever tried killing a warlock in pvp? it's literally no different than going against a tank spec... except this tank spec also pumps the damage
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    What the hell are you talking about?

    In the new class tree we got Soul Link! A passive 20% dmg reduction, previously Demo-only. Add to that the 10% stagger (which is worded weirdly) and 3% dmg reduction of Fel Armor and the Demon Skin passive (which you previously had to sacrifice Burning Rush or Dark Pact for) and you already have 23% passive dmg reduction, 10% damage delay, 0.5% shield and 0.125% life gain gain every second and ontop of that the passive Soulleech healing and absorb. AND we get 16% extra stamina. That's only the passive values!

    Active we have access to unending resolve, Dark Pact and various Drain life enhancements. Add to that the healthstone leech trait and the heal whenever a raidmember uses a healthstone! Currently it's worded a healthstone, so any healthstone counts. Also Mortal coil heal every 45 seconds. Soulburn also buffs drain life and Healthstone.
    Imagine a raid: Only BDKs and WLs: BDK for tanking and the WLs just juggle healthstones and rely on their absorbtion. Yes, you have to spec into that and sacrifice some damage traits. But being able to bring less healers because you get an extra WL is huge.
    I'm 100% positive that WL survivability will get nerfed while in Alpha, else we will once again be nearly unkillable like Affli in Legion.

    If I count correctly we got 3 major heal abilities, 2 damage reduction/shielding abilities, 23% passive dmg reduction, 16% more life, and 10% stagger, while regenerating life and stacking a shield passively and for every damage we do. So we got like 10% improved leech passively build in. Ontop of that a drain life enhancement, which can be specced into to basically heal to full in one cast.
    That's more than any other damage dealer or even some tank specs.

    And then add the spec specific stuff like Destru mastery, Haunt, Soul Rot, Siphon Life, Harvester of Souls and Grimoire of Sacrifice + Voidwalker sac. That's just the icing on the cake.
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    And what a good ridance while at it to be honest...

    Warlocks were a very brain dead BUT immortal class in pvp for a long time. All they had to do was fear and dot you down. Then they are hyper mega armor, high HP and damage absorbs..

    Now they can do the same but it takes a bit of skill instead Imo much more fun.

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    It looks like it's back for Dragonflight looking at the tree. Half the base tree talents are healing/absorb related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priestyboy View Post

    Tell me you're 10 without telling me you're 10.
    when you get wound up about words it actually makes *you* seem immature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobosan View Post
    It's 2022. Long past time to stop using that word.
    It's 2022. Long past time to tell people how to speak.

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    Well, we're getting about a 14% HP buff next expansion by the looks of it.

    Current: 1.2(1.15(100*1.1)) = 151.8% base HP

    New: 1.03(1.2(1.15(1.06(100*1.1)))) = 165.73% base HP

    In addition to the base damage mitigation, Fel Armor has more via delay. This allows quite a bit of survivability by delaying 10% of incoming damage over time, so long as your shield is up.

    These are all pretty easily obtained early on in the tree too. If you want to become a real powerhouse, you can buff up Healthstone and Life Drain by a pretty large amount.

    Edit: Well, post Nerf we are now looking at about the same amount as our current situation unfortunately. The last 35% of our HP, we take an additional 10% [Soul Armor] less and a 4% additional after using Demonic Teleport from [Abyss Walker].

    Edit 2: Slipped my mind the first time, we are also getting a 2% passive Leech [Fel Synergy] and a 4% less of a chance to be crit. [Demonic Resilience]
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