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    Dracthyr vs. other reptile races

    I think it's a good way to compare the visual styles of the models and their silhouettes. How do you like these newest members of the big reptile family? HD image and individual screenshots can be viewed here.

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    Would have loved to see more "Dragonman" aka Maloriak style models by now.

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    The dracthyr is worse than all of then, in terms of design and appearence, cause some of the options here should not be an option for playable race.

    The new drakonid is the perfect example of how a draconic race should look like, it pains me that with this pile of garbage we will not get other reptilian races as playable, they will just say "play dracthyr cause is close enough", or "the dracthyr already fill that niche". And sethrak and Saurok were one of my fav picks

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