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    I mean, basically.

    Like, if everyone used a car tire for a swing, I could safely say "I think most people use a tire for a swing". But that doesn't mean it's what the car tire was made to do, it just happens to be something it can do.

    That's a far more extreme example since buying mats/flasks is still very normal for AH use, though.
    so, if i get it right, you wanna say:

    just because YOU think some tool Y is used for doing X by most players, does NOT automatically mean Blizzard solely built tool Y with the mindset of „it will mostly used by players for X and that’s the reason why we built it“.

    did i get that right?

    if so:
    and what was the question then again?
    or in other words: what we discussed?
    what does this mean then?
    i simply forgot it (seriously).

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    I love this. I can buy stuff from work now!

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