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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    The issue is that the Titans role as "villains" hinged upon them just being cold and calculating, meaning they wanted to re order to the planet because they deemed it too corrupted by the Old Gods, not necessarily because they're straight evil.
    Whereas this role of Titans as villains just comes across as "You did something our creator didn't intent, thus you're bad!" has no merit to it other than being evil.
    I really doubt they'll go the latter angle, but the former angle is grounds enough to be considered 'hostile' by the dragons, in the sense that they were used to fill in for a job that the Keepers couldn't do. It's less about religious fanaticism since the dragons never had a religious relationship with them or the Keepers, if anything Nozdormu talks about Aman'thul as if he's, at the absolute highest, a father figure or a friend. More so it's about the conflict between the Dragons as elemental beings that were just meant to sort of exist independent of it all, being in the world long before the Titans came in the form of their elemental forebears and them as the outsourced agents implementing the Titans' plan for Azeroth.

    If you keep the Cataclysm setup exactly as it is at the moment, then it's likelier the Titans will be cast in a negative light, and the newly introduced Keeper characters as making amends. Alternatively, there's some ways you can go with it. The Old God angle @loras and @Nymrohd bring up opens the opportunity for them to pivot to claiming that this trigger for them losing their powers was actually a mistake or not the foreseen end point, be it because the Old Gods abused the foreseen scenario to depower the dragons and leave the way open for them to try again or because once Nozdormu inevitably turns into Murozond over the course of DF we go to a point where he's set to initiate the 'real' Hour of Twilight/Endtime and we stop him and this is when the Aspects actually fulfill their duty, with their depowering and re-empowering both being foreseen by Aman'thul. Given how absolutely vague prophecy is and how Blizzard just got off doing the same prophecy story again in SL, the only thing for sure is that it'll be a clusterfuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    We know that Dragonflight is an expansion of backsies for Blizzard where they'll be doing everything in their power to raise the profile of dragons and backtrack on all of the reduction they've had in prominence since their Knaak-era heights. Of course, said reduction has happened on the backs of many characters who've been raised to either directly oppose dragons, get one over on them or criticize them and generally be correct. No expansion is complete without its strawmen, be it everyone who criticized Illidan in Legion, everyone who criticized Anduin in BFA or anyone who doubted nodding along with Sylvanas in SL. So which strawman will get the worst deal in Dragonflight?

    Will it be the Dragonmaw? A clan already basically written out of the game who's only dedicated out of game story has been about how much they regret beating dragons. Working against them is that their entire gimmick is based around enslaving, fighting and killing dragons and their vigorous Alexstrasza struggle cuddle in Grim Batol. Working in their questionable favor is that they might be directed towards consensual dragon riding.

    Will it be Odyn? A titan keeper who rightly called out the idea of buffing the Aspects to take up the Keepers' job will result in the Keepers becoming useless layabouts while the dragons completely fail, go insane and destroy the world. A position he was vindicated in every step of the way as 4 out of 5 Aspects went evil and Deathwing nearly destroyed the world twice. Working against him is that Twitter has been very vehement about his treatment of Helya and the team needs to signal. Working for him is that so far he's evaded Karma and he's broadly popular, as well as that he's already appeared in two raids and his hall was reused in Shadowlands.

    Will it be Tyr and the Titans at large? Distinct from Odyn, they buffed the dragons for solving a dragon-related problem and then made them infertile and took away those powers after they'd done a task that was only generated by buffing the dragons in the first place. Working against them is that the staggering stupidity of that plot point has been a running joke for 10 years, reversing both the fertility and the power issue are virtual guarantees and this is impossible to do without throwing them under the bin in some way. Working for them is that DF is a 'memberberry expansion and the Titans are a part of this and bigging them up may be necessary for Blizzard to make up lost ground by making their SL-era cosmic setup.

    Or will it be someone else I'm missing, if so, vote and fill in who you think it'll be. We're in the Scalies world now and all we can do is bet on who gets fucked the hardest.
    Unsure what you completely mean with "backsies" but if some are taking the hardest hit, then what we see in quests, it is the Dragonmaw, who is now basically a husk of what they used to be, and if they continued what they used to do, would invoke the wrath of many, dragons and mortals alike.

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    Side note: Four out of five? Isn't it three out of five original aspects, technically? As Moruzond/Nozdormu has not yet happened?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanoro View Post
    None of the above. Dragonmaw are Horde, and we all know the Horde never did anything wrong ever.

    The others won't even be remembered, though if they are, I'll agree they will be smeared and utterly ruined.
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