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    The shift from social to numbers is why a lot of players wanted classic. Min/max was simpler. You had time to have a more balanced gameplay experience than just grind ilvl indefinitely.
    While I think the player base has evolved to focus more on the numbers versus the social aspect, the most damning issue is that Blizz has followed suit and fostered this change instead of opposing it. What was great about the raids in the early years of WoW was that basically anyone could do them, as classic has shown people. It may have felt artificially harder at the time due to lack of resources and information that are easily found nowadays, but one cannot compare the difficulty of the old raids to what we have on live as being even close to similar.

    There's tons of reasons why Blizz wanted to increase the difficulty of raids, but I feel like their motivations for doing so are vastly different now compared to their reasons in the past. Simply put, Blizz doesn't really care about the social aspect of the game as much as it should while focusing on the numerical side of things. While numerical data is important, not everything that's really important to the game can be easily quantified. If anything, Blizz should return to why they made the game in the first place and why it was so popular with average people: it was a game that was made for casual people in a market full of hardcore/grindy/time-intensive MMOs. In a poetic fashion, Blizz has made WoW into an MMO they were trying not to be.

    When it comes to specific changes in the raiding scene, I'd slash the difficulty hard on all levels. By doing so, you could get rid of LFR as normal would be a viable replacement for what it's supposed to be (or you can make a normal queuing system for wings, design raids to be easily done in just wings, there's a ton of ways to go about making it less time intensive). Furthermore, axing the difficulty allows you to make every raid difficulty, mythic included, flex raiding. The main excuse for not having the hardest difficulty of raid flex is because it's tuned so high and tightly that it can't be flex. However, I think this way of thinking is flawed as well as the focus on 'balance > everything else' is just a trap that restricts your potential. Personally, I'd rather just get rid of mythic mode completely at this point and replace it with hard modes that can be done on heroic for vanity/bragging rights/achievements/etc... but not power. Solves the issues of ilvl scaling and progression, which makes the current mythic raiding a pain.

    While I could take hours going into potential solutions, ultimately the main issues is that Blizz is stuck in a certain way of thinking that is not conducive to making a great experience for the audience that made their game so popular. Blizz also tends to forget lessons learned in the past, repeats the same mistakes, and so forth. While there's some glimmer of hope with announced changes coming in Dragonflight, the overall message and attitude given on by Blizz is not hopeful.
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    Raiding, or group content in general, is not for those who have difficulty not being socially awkward. No worries friend, many other activities for you to partake in.
    I am a production minded player, once i accomplish my own personal goals i am gone until the next season that is why MMO's are not my jam anymore. I gave up raiding because there is no incentive or its so intricate that requires dark souls like gameplay plus i do not really enjoy engaging with most raiders in general. Now while KSM gives me a goal i can complete fairly quickly while taking a trip down memory lane of a game that i used to love why not? 2-3 weeks worth of enjoyment is worth the price of admission since my own personal goals can be completed in that time frame.

    I learned raiding wont change so i figured why not remove myself from it and spend more of my free time in other activities. This is why join a guild is pointless for me, if i do not want to log on for raid should i be punished for it? If i would rather watch a game on tv instead of raid should it be held against me? Dungeons and dragons weekly slog sessions is not pick up and play meaning i want as little to do with it as possible.

    If raids stayed around TBC level difficulty i would be fine to just jump in and out without a guild or team and all would be well with the world but they changed that. More Emerald Nightmare less Tomb of Sargeras.

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