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    Animation overhaul with new team?

    No big secret Activision is boosting the team for Warcraft, they acquired that new studio, and are employing more people, looking to expand on the pre-departures team.

    Art is a big aspect for them, I am noticing we could do with a lot more animations, and even a dance studio.

    Bur first I'm thinking of better animations for using items, and doing functional things - like climbing, jumping where they take the time to make it at least look real... would love a dive animation.

    And don't get me started on playable race model animations (Nelf/Nightborne cast animation?), clipping issues with weapons and shoulders? There isa huge list. Do you think these are worth doing?

    I think they definitely are, they make a difference to what you see.

    But most of all, I'd love to have a video portrait, where i can see my characters face real time or soon out to see the front of its body as it attacks or gets hit, you don't get to see those expressions or animations of your toon from the front which actually have most of the work done. In the upgrades.

    Also I am looking forward to more character model overhauls + more customisations. They need a second take at some of those models - the NElf one in 6.0 was hugely disappointing. However they are all due another upgrade.

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    I'm overall ok with the current animations, I just wish for a few different idle anims to chose from and separate idle/walk/run animation for each weapon type when unsheathed.

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    I don't have anything to add except that I 100% agree that this kind of stuff is needed. A lot of the new animations they've added for new classes in recent years have shown how they're able to take wows archaic system and make it feel more intuitive and meaty with the right animations in the right places. And there's a huge list of things that are just silly--NPCs just shifting their hands for 24 hrs straight to look like they're working on some elaborate craft in town? Hammering random objects in the field to make it look like they're fixing something? Modern mmos have so much on this game--that doesn't make them all better by default, but wow deserves to be better for its own sake.

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    This is really about the dance studio, isn't it?
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