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    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    Such an arbitrary and nonsensical notion deserves to be buried :P
    You deserve to be buried up to the neck and pecked by chicken, pal >:-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    1. A moonkin is till not needed to deal magic damage, nor a tree to heal. you can twist and turn it however you want, facts remain facts.
    No, Moonkin form is not needed to deal damage, but moonkin/star form is needed for you to gain benefit. Druid gameplay. Transform, gain buffs.

    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    Again, maybe since you didn't get it the first time around: NO TRANSFORMATION IS NEEDED TO CAST SPELLS. REFER TO MALFURION.
    HAVE YOU SEEN MALFURION STORMRAGE!? The first mortal Druid to walk on Azeroth.... Have you seen him? Does he look like a bloody basic Night Elf to you. You are NOTHING compared to him, and he's already transformed, that is his life, what you see ain't no outfit.

    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    2. Monotone? MONOTONE? you dare talk to me about being monotone while every balance druid is the same ugly ass chicken as the next one?
    Yes, because you wish to look like everyone else. Druid have an excellent development that they are utilizing shapeshifting, they are not common mortals, they take on the befits of nature.

    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    Open your fucking eyes if you have any and look at the 0 diversity moonkin offers.
    There is tons of diversity in Druids. If you don't like Moonkin, pick another race, Kul Tiran, or Zandalari? If you don't like that, use the damn glyph. You have options.

    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    Whereas were it a glyph not only could you live out your perverse fantasies about being an obese farm animal, but you could let other people be at peace too.
    Oh, come off it. Now you are sounding dumb. Just reroll Mage if you don't like what a Druid does.
    FOMO: "Fear Of Missing Out", also commonly known as people with a mental issue of managing time and activities, many expecting others to fit into their schedule so they don't miss out on things to come. If FOMO becomes a problem for you, do seek help, it can be a very unhealthy lifestyle..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    You might want to read into Malfurion yourself. Malfurion is quite a more special case than the average Druid. I mean, what you see on him, is not an outfit.

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    No. You deemed it invalid because you did not like that there was an actual solution to your issue.

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    The user is just unhappy that enough people are not on his side on this topic.
    1. Look up how the druid player is literally the savior of the world 10+ times over. Maybe you missed the fact that if Furion doesn't need chiken ass, the lesser do we.

    2. The "solution" you proposed is still as invalid as it has been when you first tried to proposed it. I refuted it clearly, you failed to respond in turn, because you couldn't.Shit is shit no matter how you want to sugarcoat it.

    3. Who can say how many people are on either one's side? can you look inside every person's head as to what they wish for even if they do not state it? grow the fuck up, kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DatToffer View Post
    You deserve to be buried up to the neck and pecked by chicken, pal >:-(
    I'll leave that to your farm girl fetish fantasies. I'm good, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    OP wishes to be a mage without being a mage, basically. OP doesn't wish to look like a Druid when playing a Druid.
    *OP doesn't wish to look like an asspulled chicken, but rather wants to look like an actual druid while playing druid, because he is not an idiot. there FIFY.

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    Considering the talent point you gain by not going into Moonkin will have to be spent on things like Thrash and Swipe, not taking it is no different than just never using Moonking form button in the current version of the game. You gain literally nothing.

    Not only that, not going into Moonkin prevents you from taking: Hibernate, Typhoon and 6 yds of extra range on spells, so you're going to take it anyway. So no OP, you're wrong, the talent trees change absolutely nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oKURWAmon View Post
    And your opinion is indeed just that: an opinion.
    the difference between our opinions is you clearly demonstrated how yours is wrong, by pulling apples and oranges comparisons out of your ass.
    Interesting how you found a comparison in a two-part statement that simply disagreed with both of your opinions, being a) chicken form is bad, and b) Malfurion looks cool, but keep reaching.
    And by claiming an opinion is wrong on a subjective matter shows your inability to understand simple concepts.
    Have fun in your misery, bro!
    Boom chicken for LYFE!

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    This thread didn't start out great and has devolved into mudslinging quite quickly. It is now closed.

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