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    Is this for real?

    You realize the Classic servers are much larger than the OG servers. While I think they should of just reduced server capacity to begin with per realm, layers bring the experience closer to what it actually was in vanilla.

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    Lol please look at this guy's post history.

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    No one liked this m8. If you did, you're in the minority. Or you have nostalgia goggles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaza-R View Post
    Is this for real?

    You realize the Classic servers are much larger than the OG servers. While I think they should of just reduced server capacity to begin with per realm, layers bring the experience closer to what it actually was in vanilla.
    No, it is not for real. This guy is known to every now and then make a bunch of ridiculous posts. Check his sig, he is proud of it.
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    nope sorry, layering is great, sure they might go over board during peak times but its better than 100's of people camping for that one spawn for a chance to get the first hit in on a mob that might drop the item you need for a quest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Layering in my opinion does NOT belong inside a MMORPG. It's already in the name: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
    Yesterday there were 12 layers on classic server, 12.

    How is this acceptable? I am glad everyone can level straight forward now with no issues of other players but isn't this the whole point of a MMORPG.
    I wanna see people everywhere i go and if the realm is split into 12 other realms then there is no way you even see 10% of your actual Realm population.

    How are people supporting this nonsense feature in WoW? This only makes your realm appear more dead then it actually is.

    And this is a real issue not only in classic but also retail.
    Actually the promised land of MMOs with "massive" amounts players together at the same time, going back to the dream of the 80s and 90s never actually panned out. As such WOW has never been able to implement a technology that allows a large number of players in one place at one time. And most "MMOs" have limited server populations because of that as there has never been a consistent definition on what makes an MMO. Most just accept that an MMO is any game that has a large number of players online "playing together" even if they aren't all on the same server, or in this case same shard or layer.

    And the other issue that you are bringing up that is affected by this is server identity. Seeing random players in the game world who are not from the same physical server that you may never ever see again, breaks immersion. And this is something that went along with what many people remember most about Vanilla, being able to see the same people, friend or foe out in the game world on a consistent basis due to a fixed server population with its own 'identity' in terms of guilds, rivalries, etc. This is why classic was in such demand in the first place among some players. Unfortunately, layering is simply a side effect of the fact that they don't have the technology for large number of people in one place on a server at one time even if that server is below population cap. Something like this is to prevent things like lag due to too many people being in one place such as when people did their spontaneous crossroads raids back in the day or even Iron Forge or Stormwind on a Friday night. I don't know why they never prioritized fixing that problem so that it is possible to have more than say 50 players at a time in one spot but it must be something very technically difficult. All that to say it is to prioritize performance more than anything else.
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    Interesting. If I had my way I would never see another player other than invited friends and in instances. To each his own though I suppose.

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    Players with absolutely no critical thinking skills: Hmm... what if instead of 10 servers with constant queues that cause people to quit the game, we had 200 servers with the same problem?

    These same fucking players a few months after release: Here's why Classic WotLK FAILED!

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    It's necessary for the game to run, but I'm not sure how it determines how many people to bring into your specific layer.

    Meanwhile, I wish they would hyper-layer quest npcs, so all other players disappear when you need to turn in a quest. Demounting isn't enough sometimes.
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    Without layering you are going to have 10k ms as standard. If you're willing to play with 10+ second delays on every button you press then good for you, but for everyone else layering is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lochton View Post
    As stated, I believe we need layering/sharding but there needs to be a cap on how much, 12 is too much, but none is too little, as it would make zones dead on some servers.
    I think you're conflating layering/sharding with CRZ. Layering/sharding doesn't increase the number of players in a zone.

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    they hated him because he spoke the truth

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    Would you rather not play at all? Because the alternative to layering is the login screen with a message that reads, "world server down."

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    Somehow it is funny but I remember servers runnning just fine back in the day without layering. Maybe its just me but obviously they have not implemented servers the same way as they used to. The only time there was lag was when a whole bunch of folks were in Dalaran or Iron Forge and it wasn't that bad on my medium-high pop server. Must be some kind of 'mega realm' thing or rather these new classic realms are set up differently and have a higher total population capacity because they are built with layering in mind unlike the actual vanilla servers.

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    It's not very immersive being always in a mob, so it's a welcome tech to make things feel more like a real world (in some way) and not a theme park full of sweaty loud people
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    *me standing in front of a wolf quest mob spawn location with 7,521 other players*
    *everyone spams AoE abilities hoping to get a tag, making everyone's FPS=5*
    *wolf spawns, one person gets credit, goes to 1/10 kills*
    *we all wait for 3 minutes for the next spawn*

    *me, with tears streaming down my face*: "Finally... finally it's a TRUE mmorpg experience."

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    Sounds like another one of those desperate masochist complaints. I recommend a ball gag, you naughty boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Hey people blame that WoW feels dead, i wonder why when 1 server has 12 layers. Sorry but with the health of the game, splitting up your userbase is far from a logical thing to do.

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    WoD Garrison was nothing compared to the MoP plane start mission.
    After readimg ur post i assume ur delusional. First u dont play on 1 of those 12 layers. Second 1 of that layer is probably what 1 server was back in the day. So it means it could be just 12 more servers.
    Jf u dont understand what mega server is(one of urpost above) i assume u havent played it back in the day and u dont play it now - classic-tbc;wotlk

    Its called mega server because u can log in 7 a.m any day and find some ZA pug on any of ur 10 alts without setuping ur whole life for it. Before cross realm and all that stuff that came up in and after cata it was nearly impossible to do so. So in which case u seem to be playing huge Mmo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caprias View Post
    This was fun 10+ years ago when social media wasn't that commonplace and a big novelty of WoW was just hanging out with people you knew (or not).

    Nowadays most players just want to play a game, queueing simulator for a npc isn't... that interesting.

    For those who don't, it is why classic exists.
    A better way to think about Casual v Hardcore:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calfredd View Post
    Not really. I've read your thread so I can see why you'd think that though.
    They are right. Server community matters or it at least used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUZ View Post
    Imagine trying to play if a million people want to all be in the same location. It just isn’t possible. Same thing in real life it would just be a cluster fuck and no one would be able to move.
    Maybe MMO devs shouldn't design their game so that a million people are stacked on top of a single questgiver. Everyone is the savior of Azeroth, going around doing the exact same questline everyone else is doing. How immersive.

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