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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkeon View Post
    I feel that Blizzard is doing their best to keep me from being excited about OW2.
    Testing it made me not excited about it. It's basically just a remastered UI, some new heroes and new maps but they still have the same problems balancing the game.

    I'm absolutely not touching the game again as long as the time to kill is as low as it is. If I wanted low time to kill I would play call of duty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StillMcfuu View Post
    I know their reasoning, it's really not much more than a bottled excuse. The state pvp is in is not indicative of a pvp state that had been done and polished 2 years ago (when pve dev woes started) and then had a further 2 years of internal development.

    They really did a piss poor job with OW1 and now OW2 pvp. They could have easily made and tested changes within OW1 cycling things in and out as they are seen to work or not and then come Oct5 they could have dropped the F2P patch that updates all OW1 into an OW2 state and changed the model to battle pass. And continued with plans. If the last 2 years of overwatch were Sojurn 67 and JQ getting released with changes to a less CC game, maybe a new mode, balance changes and tests, etc... no one would bat an eye at Oct5 and the implementation of battle passes. Hell they'd probably be welcome as it would be a more regimented new content/skin/map/character schedule and all the players wouldn't feel like they've been ignored for 2+ years and now Blizz is going to drop a ton of changes which a good majority aren't even welcome and people are largely pessimistic on how it will work out.

    It's just been real piss poor project management. Surprisingly poor honestly.
    The whole point is it did not have 2 years of development, everything was on pve, and they realized that was a mistake.

    and yeah, it was piss poor project management, not really surprising since they right out admitted it was.

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    You know, I was a little late to the Overwatch party. Lack of funds and time. But once I did get it, I discovered that I really enjoyed being able to just pick it up, play a few rounds, and put it down without ever feeling like I was missing out (seasonal events aside, those are reasonable) or stuck on a content treadmill.

    And this announcement just castrated that feeling completely. Absolute eunuch. Full Ken doll.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    This is America. We always have warm dead bodies.
    if we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that.

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    Halfway through the battlepass is the hero? That is some bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    The whole point is it did not have 2 years of development, everything was on pve, and they realized that was a mistake.
    They didn't 'realise it was a mistake', dev teams were constantly taken away from OW2 development to do tasks ordered by Bobby for OW1, which were then cancelled anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    They already explained it.

    originally they were holding back overwatch 2 wanting it to launch with the PVE, but after a long time they realized that was unfair, and they would just have to seperate it
    No, Bobby realised that they would have had nothing to release and get cash if they waited until the long-delayed, barely-worked-on PvE mode was finished. Put the PvE on hold, rush out the PvP mode and get those transactions coming! It was 100% in no way because they "thought it was unfair people had to wait "

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    Only gonna keep myself busy with this until the DF expansion, then I'm out.

    I was going to do that with Warhanmer: Darktide, which was scheduled to release on September 15th but the geniuses delayed to November 30th, which is after the supposed DF release, so fuck that.

    Probably not even gonna buy the battlepass considering I'm not interested in any of the new heroes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post
    Why though? Do you want them to release something half baked?

    I don't care for the PvE part becuase... well i don't think the game is well made for it.
    But if i would want it i rather wait a few more month and get something good than something rushed and buggy.

    - - - Updated - - -

    People wanted F2P and they got it now. Now we have to live with bullshit like this... and we cannot really say anything against it at all. Because the game is entirely free. Be happy they don't use the LoL model for heroes.
    Where did you get the idea it will only be a "few months" until the oven releases? Do you have any source for that? Or just saying it to try and bolster your argument?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyanion View Post
    In no way are you entitled to the 'complete' game when you buy it, because DLC/cosmetics and so on are there for companies to make more money
    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    Others, including myself, are saying that they only exist because Blizzard needed to create things so they could monetize it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzeth View Post
    So the entire purpose and idea behind OW2, isn't actually being released with OW2. Amazing.
    Which is why people are a bit annoyed and just look at this like a small content patch for overwatch, Since the actual meat of Overwatch 2 won’t come anytime soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    So in a vid that Bellular showed, there are weekly "quests" that you can do that will give you around 5k upon completion.
    All of them require you to win though, so that's definitely going to bring back a lot of the major toxicity the game had.
    What OW2 really needed was daily World Quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martymark View Post
    What OW2 really needed was daily World Quests.
    It's like Blizzard's version of Destiny!
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    where is total Mayhem?

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    My favorite quote from Blizzard of late:

    "One of the pieces of player feedback I've seen since Mythic Skins were first announced is people feeling like [the skins] are more special if there's an aspect of earning them. So I think the ability to look back and say, 'I got Mythic Genji because I was playing in Season One and completed the Battle Pass,' will make it feel even more special."

    No one has ever said that. None of the feedback is saying "give us garbage FOMO mechanics." They're such flagrant fucking liars.

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