Poll: Will you play Cataclysm Classic if its released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alecazam View Post
    PvP was great so yep
    Well, since we're assuming it would be with all end-of-life fixes in place, it was decent. It was a bad joke at launch, though - just as we friggin told them repeatedly in beta, Colossus Smash making Warriors do all of their DPS in 6 sec burst windows would be a huge problem... and it totally was! Giving Arms throwdown on top of CSmash was what really made it such an issue, though. Didn't they change CSmash to ignore some large portion of the target's armor instead of all of it? Or was that an MoP change?

    Either way, I'll probably spend a few weeks playing with Cata Classic if it happens (Vashj'ir is still the coolest zone they've made and the first 2/3 of it were a great experience in general), but otherwise I'm in the MoP waiting room once WotLK has lost my interest.

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    Only if Deathwing actually makes good on his promise and totally obliterates Azeroth, sending us all off as gearless level 1's to some new planet where the aberration of Dragon Soul does not exist...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alecazam View Post
    PvP was great so yep
    It really wasn't any better than retail besides less arenas/bg's. It just felt good that every class, including clothies became tankie and had self heals. That homogenisation is also in Retail.

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    Im playing classic right now. Just casually lvling a orc shaman. Having fun with it, cause its lots of people around. Might level to max, not sure yet. No interest in Cata, the old world is gone there. Raids were okish, but not worth.

    Tempted to push in WotLK to atleast experience Ulduar again. Would be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hey There Guys its Metro View Post
    Absolutely not. When this movement started, it was because of the irrevocable harm done to the game mostly due to the Cataclysm Expansion.
    I stopped playing at Classic, and that's where it should have stopped as well in my eyes.
    By now, not only is the game bleeding its purpose, but the community has completely lost interest in displaying any type of behavior conducive to the old expansions.

    If they fix the server issues and find a way to halt transaction based raiding, I'll have another look.
    Otherwise, only interested in Vanilla.
    Yeah Cata is the reason i wanted Classic. Cata is the early version of retail WoW and while i guess it's okay for younger people to have nostalgia for it, it's not Classic WoW.

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    Up to Firelands, sure.

    And then just forget the atrocity that Dragon Soul was.

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    Nah BC was the best expansion imo and would be good if they ended it right there, will perhaps try out wod and mop again too though.
    Do you hear the voices too?

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    Cata was a god tier addon despite the negative changes.

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    The only bad thing imo about Cata was poorly designed 2 final bosses of Dragon soul. The rest of Cata was pretty amazing, with the regular patches also bringing a LOT of content.

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    I guess i wont play it, even cata was my favorite addon. But its my favorite because back then it was an other time, other friends, our people around me.

    Playing classic is like trying again with ur ex. You will have some fun, but in the end it sucks and isnt that good as you remembers or expected to be.

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    I would, I enjoyed Cataclysm.

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    Might get to max level if i'm subbed to retail but doubt much beyond that. It doesn't have a big draw that makes you wanna come back to it. Waiting for MoP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyel View Post
    The first 4 weeks of Cataclysm with super difficult heroics were AMAZING. If they launch Cata Classic with that, I'm in. If they launch with the watered down and nerfed dungeons, I'm not.

    And I loved Archeology in Cataclysm.
    100% agree, that were really awesome times!
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    Dear diary,
    This is Day 85 of farming primals for tailoring set. I can’t seem to understand how everyone around me magically has an epic flyer and I’m stuck here on my 60% flying mount losing all these tags. I checked the AH today to see if they have gone down from their 400g price per primal might but they still haven’t seem to budge. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow before I break down and buy gold off of a website that sells 10k gold for $30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Not sure yet, but probably not. Cata is the start of modern WoW where the whole game changed into something else completely. Questing got very fast and linear, specs are a lot more streamlined, a lot more emphasis on storytelling (with the story being pretty bad) and a whole bunch other things like the removal of a lot of RPG elements. Might aswell play retail instead.
    Yeah that's what I don't get about people wanting Cata. It's almost the same game as retail, even all the content is still there. Blizzard should just invest more into Chromie Time (like being an endgame option) and Timewalking (have a sense of progression exclusively within an expansion, make the zones relevant etc.) and voila you get reexperience Cata and other expansions almost like how they were originally.

    I have played with friends on a Cata private server a year ago and while it was fun, it was almost the same as if you were playing on the retail. Of course you had the cata talent system and some classes were ofc a bit different back then (like balance druid), but not by much.

    And people keep talking here about all these hard and fun heroics, but even in a pre-nerf state I found the trash to be more tedious than fun (like Vortex Pinnacle) and I find it funny how besides the only good thing about a cata, no one here talks about the rest. Most of the actually daily time you'll spend doing the dailies in Tol Barad (let's not even begin about the actual Tol Barad), which were mega boring, but also very important and besides that you had a small amount of very boring and largely useless dailies spread around the new zones (the only important ones are for Therazane and they are ugh). And that's it. There is nothing else to do. In Firelands you get the Molten Front which is even worse than Tol barad.

    This could be seen as a positive, because there are no chores (besides Tol Barad and farming rep from dungeons), but you could then say the same for WoD too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinglong View Post
    It really wasn't any better than retail besides less arenas/bg's. It just felt good that every class, including clothies became tankie and had self heals. That homogenisation is also in Retail.
    Retail classes have less depth than cata classes. Makes PvP more scripted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relapses View Post
    I don't think you'll get a very good sample size out of this forum but props for trying at least.

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    This is never happening. Blizzard is not going to develop two live versions of the same game. Ever.
    This is the problem with `never, ever.`:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relapses View Post
    OSRS is an entirely different kind of MMO than WoW. It's easier for Jagex to do it because development costs are microscopic compared to WoW's. Blizzard can barely handle one single live developed game and there is not a universe which exists where Blizzard would be interested in opening themselves up for development on two. At the very least it would require Classic to have its own separate subscription cost...something that would be an immediate turn off for many of its current players, I'd wager.
    I agree those games you mentioned are much different, but I've always said that I wasn't really interested in classic unless they went in a different direction than they did previously. Introduced new content in a classic format, etc. It doesn't seem likely that Blizzard would do this, but to say there is not a universe that exists where Blizzard would be interested in opening themselves up to development on two mmorpgs is a rather strong opinion. I agree it's improbable but other companies have multiple MMO's so it's not unheard of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiev View Post
    This is the problem with `never, ever.`:

    Yeah I agree. Which is why one of my favorite old school movies is James Bond: Never say never again.

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    maybe. depends on if the people i play with are going to or not.

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    For me "Classic" implies pre-cataclysm Azeroth.

    So no, while I love the Cata raids I would not want to play in that world on the non-current version of the game.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Because fuck you, that's why.

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    They have to stop somewhere. Otherwise it's just two separate retail tracks.

    Classic trilogy makes the most sense.
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