Poll: Will you play Cataclysm Classic if its released

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    They have to stop somewhere. Otherwise it's just two separate retail tracks.

    Classic trilogy makes the most sense.
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    Not sure tbh. Cata/MoP starts to get too close to Retail in terms of how the general gameplay is.

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    I don't know. I am going into WotLK with a much stronger interest in Arena, so if by the end of WotLK I want to continue playing Arena then yes I would be willing to play Cata Classic.

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    No I would not play Cataclysm Classic, and I have played no version of Classic for more than a few hours. The only Classic expansion I might have had any interest in playing was TBC and possibly WotLK, and they ruined that by changing things. I was absolutely part of the no changes side of that debate, because to me it contradicts the entire point of Classic if things are any more different than they have to be. The reason TBC was fun for me, besides being new at the time, was because I could do ten arena games, regardless of winning or losing, and get the gear I need to enjoy world PvP and BGs. Changing how that worked killed any interest I might have had, and then they kept making little changes that, while maybe not a big deal on their own, further strayed from how it was supposed to be. As far as Cataclysm itself goes, that was the expansion that changed the old world into what it is now, so there is really no reason whatsoever to go beyond WotLK classic in my eyes, even if there were no changes, since all content since then still exists. And I also firmly believe that MoP was possibly the most garbage expansion in WoW history, so getting to that is not at all a priority to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anveena View Post
    maybe. depends on if the people i play with are going to or not.
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    Yes of course. Peak PvP gameplay, great raids except the last tier, amazing class balance, interesting new leveling zones, hard HC dungeons, RBGs, etc...I really loved Cata and will play it for sure.

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    Definitely. I wanted to play classic and TBC because I only played for a few months back then. I started playing regularly in WotLK. Great to be able to relive that 12 years later!
    But to be honest, at least Vanilla and TBC are full of fundamental design flaws, super easy encounters and dull one-button classes. I enjoyed it but still consider them to be badly designed games.
    While Cata does destroy the old world, class rotations finally begin to evolve. Gameplay is so much better compared to Vanilla/TBC. And I want to get back to 10-man raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyel View Post
    The first 4 weeks of Cataclysm with super difficult heroics were AMAZING. If they launch Cata Classic with that, I'm in. If they launch with the watered down and nerfed dungeons, I'm not.

    And I loved Archeology in Cataclysm.
    tier 11 raids were amazing, the difficulty was nice and not set at easy mode, and there were enough hard bosses to last the whole tier for most guilds.

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    I'd be more inclined to play Cata than WotLk or TBC. I liked the initial set of spicier Cata dungeons and I liked the raiding, especially 10 man heroics.
    Pretty sure that with all we have and know nowadays, og Cata balancing wouldn't pose that much of a challenge, even in random LFD pugs.

    10 man heroic raiding, queueable LFD heroic+ dungeons, I'd be up for that. But fucking miss me with that wannabe-RP flying from dungeon entrance to dungeon entrance shit.

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