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    What would you change in Legion classic?.

    I absolutely hated the legendary rng system. Not getting the legendary you wanted while getting garbage ones drop was really annoying. It would be awesome if they just gave us the vendor at the start of the expansion that sells the legendary that you want for a currency that you would work for e.g. daily's, 5mans, raids etc.

    I loved the mage tower challenges for the artifact skins, the class halls were awesome and the raids were cool.

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    Legion classic? Why not Dragonflight classic at this point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ONCHEhap View Post
    Legion classic? Why not Dragonflight classic at this point?
    MoP and Legion are the most popular expansions after TBC and WOTLK so it makes sense for them to carry on.

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    Give the final patch's legendary currency from day 1,so you can target leggos you want.

    Make mobs and especially elites in the endgame zones (broken shore, argus) drop currencies for catchup loot/cosmetics so there's a reason to kill them even if no world quest. World quests can give more of that currency.

    Reduce the horrific artifact power grind of 9.0 to the more reasonable later patches.

    That's pretty much it really, it was a very good expo.

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