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    Solo Shuffle Showdown Is Kicking Off Soon!

    Solo Shuffle Showdown Is Kicking Off Soon!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Get ready for the first Solo Shuffle tournament, where 36 players from NA and EMEA will duke it out for a share of the $100,000 (USD) prize pool!

    Solo queue fans, rejoice! Solo Shuffle Showdown is the first WoW© Esports tournament where PvP players will compete as individuals instead of on a team. A total of 72 gladiators will fight for glory in a quest to become the first ever Solo Shuffle Showdown champion!

    Solo Shuffle Showdown: September 23-25

    • Venue: Online - YouTube.com/Warcraft & Twitch.tv/Warcraft
    • Dates: Friday, September 23 – Sunday, September 25
    • Broadcast Start Time: 10 AM PDT / 7 PM CEST
    • Prize Pool: $100,000 (USD)
    • Format:
      • Players will be participating either as Healers or Damage-dealers. Each region will have a winner in each category.
      • Competition split into two stages: Knockout Stage and Finals.
      • Knockout Stage: September 23 - EMEA and September 24 - NA
        • 36 Players will play three matches divided in groups of 6 players. Players will be randomly reseeded after each match.
        • Each round won in a match will grant one point.
        • The top eight Damage-dealers and top four Healers will advance to the Finals.
      • Finals: September 25 - EMEA & NA
        • Points earned during the Knockout Stage will be reset to 0.
        • The top 12 players from each region will play two matches each, randomly seeded in groups of six players.
        • After these matches, the four Damage-dealers and two Healers with the highest score will play one last match.
        • The Damage-dealer and Healer with the highest scores throughout the day will be crowned the Solo Shuffle Showdown Champions!

    • Participants:

    • Pick’ems:
      • Echo is bringing the Pick’ems back! Vote for your favorite players and guess who will be the winners of the tournament here.

    Stay Connected

    Tune in this weekend to YouTube.com/Warcraft and Twitch.tv/Warcraft and follow along for more updates on the WoW Esports Twitter.

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    Hyyype, Im looking forward to this bigtime!

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    So you solo queue for battlegrounds and whoever gets the most wins win? Assuming no ones going to throw on purpose?

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    actually quite a shame Ven and Ziqo aren't competing in this themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gs69420 View Post
    So you solo queue for battlegrounds and whoever gets the most wins win? Assuming no ones going to throw on purpose?
    Solo shuffle is arena, not battlegrounds.

    And their would be no reason to throw on purpose, they are judged individually on each round. The more round (group composition is shuffled each round, hence the solo shuffle name) the player himself wins the better he is ranked.
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    i can't waittt

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