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    Heck, seeing other games, takes it further than RP, as long as you don't count New World of ArcheAge where it is sorta a much to have a house if you are a hardcore player.
    It was answer for question "Why players want houses". Devs, wanting some content to revolve around customizations - is completely different thing. They just don't want to sell customizations cheaply.

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    I can agree with house hearthstone, and earned portal connections, as well as bank and workshop, but you don't want too many vendors, maybe the basic but specialist craft is out in the world, as well, AH should NOT be a part of the housing.
    AH would be part of the profession specific perks same as now, only engineers would get a quest to make an auction house interface. There would be 3 vendors: inn keeper, professions vendor, and a repair person. Maybe a questline to get a 4th that sells PvP and PvE heirloom items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmatrix View Post
    AH would be part of the profession specific perks same as now, only engineers would get a quest to make an auction house interface. There would be 3 vendors: inn keeper, professions vendor, and a repair person. Maybe a questline to get a 4th that sells PvP and PvE heirloom items.
    I would say no innkeeper but an interactive item you place in your home to bind a teleport to your home. I would say that the repair person should be what we see in some places, an anvil, though, I would like to see a professions vendor that you 'hire' to be in your home if you have a workshop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mecheon View Post
    Based on the utter savagery I've seen in FFXIV's housing market, based on the number of people who demand that things last available nearly two decades ago, to the point some players weren't even born when they were originally made available, no longer ever be made available, based on the fact housing in WoW has been requested ever since Vanilla, based on the number of people who insisted Mage Tower never return....

    Yes. There is absolutely a market for this.

    Housing taps into that social community aspect of WoW which, frankly, is something that always needs a bit of a boost given the absolute hits its had, along with prospects for hitting the collector and raiding community. Its basically another outlet for people to express themselves in the game and go "This is mine". Its ultimately as pointless to the overall game as transmog, character customisation, or having different mount appearances, sure, but its something for people to go "This is My Character". Another way for folks to be expressive and get immersed in the game. Plus, well, you can go and look at the Dark Ranger threads to see how much just a minor skin can mean to people.

    Its ultimately an immersion thing. Immersion's a big reason why Boralus and Dazar'alor are considered better cities than the donut that is Oribus. Just a reason for people to play a bit longer. Pointless if all people care about is clearing mythics, but it gives them something to do outside of that
    Fair enough.
    Also that bit i marked is gold in itself, worthy of a signature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkizon View Post
    Well, I've never heard anything about housing in SWTOR, and after seeing so many mentions of it in this thread, I will definitely take an interest in their implementation, but in principle, we have already discussed this issue here locally and probably more than once.
    It was nothing more than a sly figure of speech to put link at my post
    Oh I would never suggest leaving permanently to play another game. My example was only intended to illustrate the possibilities which Blizz fails to go after. In SWTOR, you have to spend millions of credits (gold) to buy your Stronghold and then billions more to decorate them. Also, they have their Cartel Market (WoW's in game shop) where decos and deco bundles are sold in exchange for CCs (Cartel Coins) which are earned in small amounts each month for subscribers, or can be bought from 500-10000 at a time for real cash and then used to purchase these items from their market. Blizz could DOUBLE their profit potential by adding a similar system. If it took 100k gold to buy your apartment, or 1M gold to buy a house, Token sales would go through the roof. Then, just like SWTOR, make some decos drop in Dungeons, Raid, and open world (like gear) and the rest would be sold in their cash shop for real money. Some of the player housing could cost as little as $100, or other may spend upwards into the thousands to get everything they want. I know in SWTOR, I have spent more than $70 billion credits buying all of my strongholds and decorating them. Plus, they could introduce a new in game profession:

    "Craftsman" - can chop down trees to use as a resource together with specific cloths, dyes, and threads to build furniture for player housing.

    If only they would get creative, their cash cow could yield more money than Wrath with 12M subs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo of Soul View Post
    They should sacrifice all the raid wings. Turns out only a 5th of the playerbase does them anyway. Imagine spending that much of your development time on a game mode that most of your customers won't even do.
    Well, if Garrisons, Class Halls, and Covenants had worked out better we wouldn't ask for it. Literally all they have to do is what they did in Classic with the Champion's Hall.

    This one spot in Old Town near SI:7 and the Warrior Barracks had a portal for a doorway, much the same way Scholomance still does. All they have to do is replace ANY closed door in a major city with a "portal door" and put some basic decorations from the Inn inside. No new art cause it can literally be a copy/paste of a small inn, with a portal for the door. Only difference is, it is tied to the same software as the Garrison which only you can see until your party member selected "View Leader's Garrison" which would now replace the word Garrison with Apartment.

    Really just sick and tired of the old "it would cost us a raid tier" whine/meme when there is zero new art or programming needed other than unlocking a door and pasting another interior inside. Not that tough, but the raiders and elitists of the game would all have a stroke if Blizz did anything that took away from the precious content they log in one hour a week to run vs something everyone could use at their leisure and RPers would use non-stop because they don't unsub unlike the Queue Heroes of Oribos.
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