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    are they fixing pvp for dragonflight?

    this expansion pvp was terrible, the way gear was done and still is bad. not even mentioning the one-shot kills.

    everyone should be able to get max gear, even if it takes you 6 months but should be achievable, i am guessing if you do any pvp, rated or not, 10 3 1 etc... should get a currency, low, that you can trade for gear.

    whoever is very good will get the gear faster and who is a casual player eventually will get there but pvp should be about skills and not just gear, (GW2 have done a great way to do tis) as we know the current problem is te first one to get the gear will keep everyone else suppress since they gear is way lower rate and will never be able to upgrade.
    example doing pvp with gear lvl 200 vs 220 is a huge disadvantage, in hp, damage and defense.

    with this currency even a casual player in a long time will be able to get max gear and be able to compete with good players, (maybe several months after) nether less this fixes the gear issue.

    if they will keep the same model for this expansion will be the same bad game again... and after 2 months ppl will cancel the subscription (they already have lost so many from the harrasment lawsuit, form the game been bad, form moving to ff14 and gw2, bringing those back will be hard.

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    What they announced/promised is that:

    1. pvp gear will unambiguously be the best gear for pvp
    2. conquest gear will have the same pvp ilevel for everyone regardless of rating, which will be equivalent to pve mythic gear (I think, I'm a bit fuzzy about that last bit)
    3. increasing your rating will just allow you to upgrade the pve ilevel, so you can go use it for pve content too but only with good enough rating (I think they did this because they feel that people deserve rewards for getting higher ratings, imo they should just give a bunch of cosmetic rewards instead but I guess the pve ilevel thing won because it costs them nothing)

    They also said something pretty ambiguous about the pvp ilevel "not applying to the open world", which can mean any number of things such as "fuck you pvpers, mythic geared pveers will dominate war mode" or "pvp ilevel will only apply during actual pvp fights in the open world (a la WoD) and not at all time when warmode is enabled like in shadowlands"

    The later is what I hope for, it would seem reasonable to avoid conquest gear + war mode to be the easiest way to do open world pve content (to avoid PvE people crying over being "forced" to use warmode) but at the same time it would also seem reasonable to put everyone on equal footing for world pvp just like in instanced pvp (given that conquest gear will be quick and easy to obtain by anyone since there will be a rated solo queue)

    Of course there's often a discrepancy between what blizzard promises and what blizzard delivers. For instance, we don't know if stupidly op PvE trinkets will be in play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelos View Post
    example doing pvp with gear lvl 200 vs 220 is a huge disadvantage, in hp, damage and defense.
    About 14.5-16% difference in stats.

    Not refuting your claim, just providing a rough number.

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    Afaik the intent is as stated above, conq gear will be bis for pvp and need no upgrading, it'll be the highest ilvl from the beginning. Rank upgrades boost its pve ilvl that's all.

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