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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxilian View Post
    Well the whole...

    BREAK UPON MY BODY! (I don't even remember why I ended up doing this dungeon so much)
    lol, because it had an extremely complex way (compared to other bosses) to tank it AND heal it and back then 5mans were the hardest up to that point so most groups were wiping 20 times or abandoning the dungeon entirely.

    they should had reserved that design for a raid boss.

    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    "I don't have a target"
    "I need to target something first"
    "I need a target"
    lol any raider mage on a female goblin can relate for sure.
    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    yep, people give a lot of slack to WoD, but it had exceptional quality on almost anything related to dungeon and raid creation (it's mainly that the mini-game of the followers was done excessively and made a lot of people annoyed that they had to stay in the garrison to play it for passive rewards that felt unearned).
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    Headless Horseman's russian voiceover. His quotes have burned into my head from the very first time i've played the Halloween event

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    As someone who plays with music off, the sound of the mailbox/AH.

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    Night elf male death cry

    The old arcane explosion sound

    The dismount noise

    The brrrrrrrrrrr-ting of enchanters

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    Preserve? Why? There's no truth in it. No no no... huhuhhuu!... only in the taking! I see that now!

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    Has to be this...
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    First 10 secs of the starting cinematic, when creating a human

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    Whistling from Sholazar Basin music.

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    Suffer mortals as your pathetic magic betrays you!
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    "I don't have enough Rage!"
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    my fave track in the game is the ashenvale music

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    Sap, "well met," the Elwynn Forest music, and the ui panels opening and closing come to mind the most.

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    "Your heart will explode"

    "Preserve, Why? There's no truth in it"

    "You disappoint me, Students"

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    WotLK; "Mountains of Thunder;" when flying near Ulduar this kicks in and holds notes that sound poignant and even melancholy yet triumphant.
    WotLK in Sholazar Basin has "Gardens of Life," a somewhat playful tune with birdsong in the air counterpoint to the flute with a light percussion following.

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    I cannot believe nobody has put forward this one:

    "That abilitys not ready yet...." I hear it literally every time I play (many, many times).

    Then we have:

    "... was merely a setback"


    "You are not prepared!"

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    The rend/bleed sound effects. Shit was so satisfying, especially if you were playing arms warrior and the game conditioned you to associate the sound effect with big fat critical hits
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alydael View Post
    I cannot believe nobody has put forward this one:

    "That abilitys not ready yet...." I hear it literally every time I play (many, many times).
    You know you can turn that off, right?

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    Quite a few:

    Storm Peaks day ambience, it has this majestic and mysterious feel.

    -Nightsong/Ysera new theme.

    A ton of classic leveling zone music i don't even remember by heart, just really good ambience.

    Ton of warlord of draenor tracks: Stormlords at the March suddenly turning a random Yrel escort super epic, Times Change just being damn good music, Warlords opening theme with all the warcraft 3 remixes, Auchindoun, and so much more.

    Wrath: Aside from storm peaks, all the arthas themes (cinematic trailer, invincible), the login screen, Tirion and the Argent Dawn's heroic mixes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epigramx View Post
    For me these,
    Jedoga Shadowseeker asking in Jedoga Shadowseeker "Who among you is devoted"

    Sara in Yogg Saron sayin "Give no pause to your attacks"

    More from her in that fight because I have the fondest memories of it
    Elwynn Forest Theme / Ambience

    I remember first hearing it on the WoW teaser website after it had been announced. And I would play the fan-made world of Warcraft mod on Warcraft 3 and Rexxar Campaign.

    Peak Blizzard quality at the time.

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    Orgimmar music is always in the back of my mimd and I haven't played in 2 years.
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