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    Music - Nightsong, so wonderful

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    RISE MOUNTAINS - Tectus in High Maul

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    Bit of an odd one, but Theralion's original voice from Bastion of Twilight:

    To this day, every time one of my siblings (also WoW players) question me on something, I immediately retort with "I will engulf as I PUH LEEZE, Valiona!"


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    Original Theralion

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    Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?! I've quoted that for years haha.

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    The surprise fel reaver in Hellfire Peninsula
    'Words do not win wars. That is a tragedy.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkimpact View Post
    Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?! I've quoted that for years haha.
    As someone who played WC3 and mained a Forsaken back in vanilla this was the most satisfying cutscene in all of WoW.

    It was a shame that everything for the Forsaken went downhill from there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayb View Post
    The surprise fel reaver in Hellfire Peninsula
    I've lost track of how many times I came near to pissing myself hearing that damn thing coming out of nowhere back in tbc.

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    No idea what the songs are called, but whatever:

    The music played during the Gobbamok fight in Junkyard, it is strangely unique and thus really sticks with me.

    The drum music in Black Rock Foundry.

    And most of all the moment during the cinematic at the Broken Shore where Varian let's go of the ladder to save his people and friggin one-shots a Fel Reaper. There is an awesome track playing behind it that really brings out the heroic moment.

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    Bay of Storms music ( Vanilla Azshara subzone )

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    "my body" by that elemental boss in Deepholme. "I remember you... IN THE MOUNTAINS" aaaaand the Rogue stealth sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oneirophobia View Post
    And because of the remix on youtube, followed with "BURNING BUURNING BUURRNING"

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    "Your iron will is legend... I will enjoy breaking you!"

    And pretty much everything else Gul'dan ever said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Elwynn Forest and Teldrassil both are magical till this day.

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    It just makes me cry hearing Ashenvale, a whole different era of gaming it feels like hearing just those notes.
    Yes it reminds me of the legend of zelda/fable era of early 2000s games this mystery fantasy world music. Those first few notes before it gets more rampant.
    First 20 seconds
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dastreus View Post
    aaaaand the Rogue stealth sound.
    Oh boy, back in days when levelling my first toon as an utter newbie in garbage gear, that sound was the sign of fun times to come. Sometimes for quite a while to boot.

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    WoD cinematic's audio is the best for me. Times change, Lok'tar ogar champions!

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    I just rewatched the entire LOTR trilogy and I had in mind how WoW Vanilla was extremely influenced by it even in terms of music, and I hold that still true because it appears to be a copycat of the aesthetics at least of the Elves and it never reached the greatness of parts like the Hobbits of the story.
    But I have to admit WoW Vanilla may have better music that LotR if only because a bigger number of compositions are great.

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    Prayer of Mending.

    It’s my text notification..
    The most persecuted minority is the individual.

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    That creepy noise from Archaedas in Uldaman......1st time i heard it ...gave me chills.....its still creepy

    About 25 secs in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnificent Madmartegan View Post
    "That is what I do Zo'Gosh....I think good!".... I love the monologue of Iron Docks!! Easily one of the most funny in the entire game, gets me laughing every time I run the dungeon.
    This. Also...

    "Good news everyone! The slime is flowing again!"

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    "You face Jaraxxus, Eredar lord of the Burning Legion!"

    "Time shifts again and your doom draws near!"

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