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    How to get Honor Level 250 without cheating

    Some people are already honor level 400 yet i am struggling to lvl just a few honor levels. How did people manage to get this high without the cheating bug of legion? Because no way u can get to 250 so fast. Requires you to nolife PVP which even then is nearby impossible.

    How is a normal sane person who doesn't cheat, get himself honor level 250?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Botting, getting max prestige in legion, or using one of the many honor exploits since the system came out. PvP is just about all I do and I'm almost 120, granted I take frequent breaks.

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    You do one of three things:
    1. You play pvp on 2 accounts at the same time, play large battlegrounds and guard objectives, no reason to be afk, just double your honor.
    2. You pay attention to good sources of honor, Shadowlands has been excellent for leveling your honor level, the weekly quest that gave you a trinket on the first few completions gave a huge heap of honor after you cleared out all the trinkets, do that on 20 alts and you gain many levels per week.
    3. Play solo shuffle, it's a good way of earning honor currently.

    You combine all of this with a plan, lets say you decide you want to earn 2 levels per week, easy enough to do, make it a routine, you do your 2 levels on Sunday evenings or whatever. Keep this up for 2 years and you have 200 extra levels.

    Some people enjoy this type of gameplay, as in, gameplay where you put together a plan, do a little bit every week and make it routine. Will you be 250 before Dragonflight? no, but if you make a solid plan, do some research and have a good thing, you could easily be 250 by the time the next expansion after Dragonflight launches.

    I almost forgot to mention, if you like RBGs, join an RBG team, they give a lot of honor as well.
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    Battlegrounds and the Weekly ZM PVP Quest is really insane for it. I personally prestiged multiple alts in Legion so my honor level is pretty higher, but I've gained over 200 in Shadowlands, most of during the end of Seasons when buying and upgrading Conquest weapons to Duelist for the Elite recolour (for some weapons I'd need 17500 honor to upgrade from basic to duelist). Honor level now is 814, never used the Darkshore stuff. Do cap multiple Alts per week in Arena so when I need honor its usually a decent amount.
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    Same here, hardly played any pvp since cata, just casually but started in shadowlands again and not to far from honor lvl 500, most of it during this expansion.
    Battlegrounds, RBGs, Weekly pvp quests and Arenas, just the usual stuff and it really works without any cheating, sure invested quite some time but without grinding, just for upgrades and fun.

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    I started season 4 at 480 honor now I'm 560. I mostly did arena across 4 characters. Biggest chunks of honor:
    1. daily win in solo shuffle on every character (First win gives like 1800 honor or something)
    2. Oribos weeklies (observing war, observing arena, etc.)
    3. Battleground/Arena if it's thier respective weekly event
    4. Zereth Mortis weekly PvP quest (if you have all trinkets on every alt, that's like 3000 honor per character a week for a quest that takes 30 minutes tops).
    5. Daily rated BG win (i only go for it if there is a glad/HOTA/2.4 daily group in LFG that's nearly formed, otherwise it's not worth the time).
    6. Weekly solo shuffle quests (there are two, one for 6 rounds and other for 15, i do them on all 4 characters because I like solo shuffle).
    7. Daily win in BG (though I only do it when I have nothing else to do, generally i find honor from random bgs to be bad as you have low impact on actually winning them and losing doesn't give enough to be worth it). Sometimes I will just join for epic BG and quickly decide if it's worth staying (you can predict the outcome quite early, if it looks bad just leave and go solo shuffle or arena or switch to another alt).

    Basically if you want to power farm honor (honestly I never farmed it for the sake of farming honor it mostly just a byproduct of having fun in PvP, unless I needed it for gear upgrades, though usually I had plenty when I reached arena ranks) then having multiple characters is a must, as most efficient honor comes from weeklies (and some dailies).

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    Weekly ZM quest on as many characters as possible. It's super fast to do (done in 10 chests collected or less) and awards 3k honor once you get the trinkets. With enough alts that alone can grind you through levels so fast.

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    I no life PvP
    Random BGs specifically are my kink/thing.
    To be honest...i have no idea how to do it fast...

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