Poll: Which Expansion Were you Most Invested in?

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    The poll speaks for itself ;p

    Legion > MoP = Wrath
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    I was looking at a gallery of MoP...damn. I really missed the hearlands...Valley of Four Winds.

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    Legion by far, then WotLK then MoP (which I mostly played on the PTR, lol)

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    I would say Wrath for me. The mount of time I played on different characters is unmatched by any other expansion.

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    mists for sure, was the only time i really tried pveing end game

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    Definitely WotLK, was the expansion I started from the very beginning... started playing WoW 3/4s into TBC. Was pretty thorough with it including PvP.

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    Wrath and the start of Cataclysm. Me losing interest in the game during Cataclysm had nothing to do with the gameplay. I honestly really liked Cataclysm. I set the goal to get Gladiator during Wrath and made steady improvement up to 2700 at the midway point of Cata. I was on a 2400-2500 team playing Lock/Mage/Paladin and the guys I was playing with felt it best to play other comps to try and hit gladiator. Our comp wasn't meta and had some limitations. I partnered up with a rogue and shaman to play RLS and they made it known they wanted to try and hit rank 1 for season 9. Anyway, we play games and have around a 80% win rate and we climb to 2700 team rating and top 10 in the Shadowburn battlegroup within a week of playing together. It was at this point we queued three straight games into a multi rank 1 RMP and the rogue/mage sit on me and completely shut me down to where I couldn't establish any control myself. After these three losses they kicked me off the team and told me that I sucked. I ended up quitting the game and did not queue arenas again until the first season of Shadowlands. Between this experience and me being a part of a 3200 RBG team that season, I was tired of the constant negativity and decided to step away from the game, despite really enjoying the game itself. For example, our RBG team was the top team in NA at the time, and our holy paladin was refusing to queue unless we had 8 particular players out of our 300+ people roster, and others refusing to queue unless people they perceived as 'best' was in the group. It became a giant clusterfuck and I decided solo play ranked in League of Legends was less toxic.

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    Probably Legion. It had the most stuff to do when playing the game more than what's normal - several hours every day. It was pretty limited what you could do (in terms of character progression) back in TBC, Wrath and so on. Then again, the game isn't made to be played for hours per day.

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    I played MoP the most. I had just gotten into WoW during Cata and it came at a time in my life where I had lots of free time.

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    I had the most fun organized raiding in Wrath because our small guild was all real life work friends until it fell apart during Ulduar.
    I invested alot of time in Cata during Firelands getting the legendary staff and was the only guildie who stuck around for the rest of the expac after doing so.
    I spent probably the most time in Legion. The story, setting, collecting, zones, and the class halls enticing me to do more with alts was a big thing.

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    i'd say for me its both legion and wrath where i actually did the hardest end game stuff

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    From a mental immersion aspect, probably Wrath. It was what I started with, and while I've never gone through an entire expansion without taking a break (some much longer than others), I probably spent the most time in this one as well.

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    Most addicted, TBC.

    Most invested, Legion

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    For leveling/PvE it was definitely WoTLK. I played most of the expansion (missed one patch completely), and spent a lot of time on both Rogue and DK. Did a little bit of most of the raids too. It was the only time I ever played a Horde character. Never saw ICC.

    I spent the most time playing Cata though. It was a PvP expansion for me, I didn't really do anything else. Played every patch with few breaks.

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