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    Does it allow me to wipe entire raids and steal the souls of my enemies? No? Then screw that.

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    If I had the cash to just piss away, I might consider buying it. Might. But if I did consider it, I'd first see how much it would cost me to have an actual blacksmith forge me a custom one and then I'd make my decision. But I'd really have to be overflowing with disposable cash to waste on a vanity piece like that. Honestly though, I'd rather just get a new computer with that money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerph- View Post
    Why is everyone hung up on it's weight? I assume you wont be wielding Frostmourne into battle any time soon, at least I wouldn't It would be on my wall.
    Don't understand that either. It's an obviously impractical fantasy sword designed to look cool. Of course it'll weight a lot, and it's hardly the worst offender; make something like the Doomhammer or Ashbringer in real life and few will comfortably be able to lift the darn things, let alone fight with them.
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    Nah, I have the original with the light up "ice" stand that it sits stabbed into.

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    TO FIX WOW:1. smaller server sizes & server-only LFG awarding satchels, so elite players help others. 2. "helper builds" with loom powers - talent trees so elite players cast buffs on low level players XP gain, HP/mana, regen, damage, etc. 3. "helper ilvl" scoring how much you help others. 4. observer games like in SC to watch/chat (like twitch but with MORE DETAILS & inside the wow UI) 5. guild leagues to compete with rival guilds for progression (with observer mode).6. jackpot world mobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanar View Post
    No, its kinda useless.
    Decorational items usually are. That's why they are decorations.

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    You can always find such things cheaper, I mean more reasonably-priced.

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    How about giving some context, what is this thread about ?


    I jsut found out, but I insist :P

    I am very happy with mine. Costed only 500 dollars and it´s pretty neatly detailed.

    Unless this one was made with tama-hagane, no thanks.
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    It's cool looking gimmicky thing i'd love to see in my room... but no... not even for 20% of that price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    The 200 dollar one looks like shit
    The other one is an okay replica, but it's missing enough details to be noticeable to anyone who cares

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    They could at least sell it with a in-game frostmourne transmog cosmetic.

    Oh, the rage it would unleash...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shammypie View Post
    Looks like a decent price for a custom sword. Not that i'm spending that much on one. Anyone plan on getting 1?
    Custom? HUH? Its mass produced generic sword - how is that "custom"?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsyplenk View Post
    No one on Classic gives a flying shite about MMO Champion.
    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    Also if you arnt doing any endgame content, why the fuck do you need gear

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    i want it sooooooooooo bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by loras View Post
    Nope, even with unlimited funds i would probably not run out of more useful things to buy.
    I mean i could but honestly: What's the benefit?

    It's a sword thingy, its inherent value is near absent, honestly expensive videogame merchandise is as weird as NFTs for me, except rather than being an ugly batch of pixelvomit it also takes up space and demands attention (dust is a bitch and cleaneds are rarely thorough enough).
    Pretty much this. If I desperately wanted the sword I could afford it but why? It has zero value to me and 1500 is still good money... An nvidia 4000 series top end would still be infinitely much more value for YEARS to come. And i'm sure I could come up with hundreds if not thousands of similar examples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    I'd rather buy 1,500 McChickens from McDonald's.
    I prefer McChickens from BurgerKing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HansOlo View Post
    I prefer McChickens from BurgerKing.

    You’re a damned monster.

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    not me...................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skilrathos View Post
    Nah, I have the original with the light up "ice" stand that it sits stabbed into.
    I wish I would have bought that stand, but the wall hanger does well enough I suppose

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    Pfft...wall hanger? It hangs itself if you stab it in the wall...

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    Meanwhile, in the Chinese sweat shop, the 16 year old Chinese girl, paid $2 a day, is getting a group lecture for the 3 fatal industrial accident that month and because Frostmourne production is behind schedule
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    You're a Death Knight, therefore you're a noob
    I'm not sure if this is a stereotype though. Can a stereotype be true?

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