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    Soloing as Shammy?

    I have a Dark Iron shammy alt I made when Dark Irons first came out. I had fun leveling him, but he's never been my main. I was thinking of which alt I'd like to main for Dragon Isles, and he came to mind. One concern I have is being able to solo world content - rares and such. I prefer freedom to do that without having to depend on groups. Right now, I can solo stuff easy on my hunter (and of course on my tanks) that I just can't on the shammy. Yeah, there's the earth elemental, but if the rare doesn't die before it does...). Then I wondered about Enhancement? I've aways played him as ele, but maybe if he had an enh offspec, he could solo stuff that way? Some of you who play shammy more than me: what's been your experience?

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    it's pretty easy to do rares as shaman as either dps spec. They are one of the easiest classes to do brawls with. You just send out earth elemental and pop bloodlust.

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    There is no real difference between enh and ele when it comes to soloing old stuff/rares. Enh might be a bit stronger if it's open world stuff and you can use war mode, get extra healing from healing surge and short cd on heroism, but other than that it's like you said, their soloing capabilities are determined by earth elemental - and if you can beat stuff before it dies (remember you can heal it too, which might be easier for enh with instant casts).

    I would say shamans are mid tier when it comes to solo content, generally pet classes and tanks are top (hunters, warlocks) and classes with weak/bad self heal are bottom (rogues mages dks monks etc., unless you can cc/stun/root your target).

    I main enhance and I think they are ok for soloing stuff (i don't like soloing on tanks as it usually takes forever so only real better options for me are hunter and warlock).

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    Nice thread, I got the same question since I will prolly play solo 99,99% of time and I “finished” ZM as an enha shaman. Not much impressed about enha power and speed honestly.

    Was wondering if there was another dps melee class/spec (no tanks please, killing stuff take a forever) more reliable for soloing open world and rares fast and smooth.

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