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    PErsonal loot should be in LFR rest is OK

    Lfg is getting harder , no more geared guys gonna carry for transmog gear :P
    But its not like i did much lfg anyway so i don't care

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    Removing personal loot is hands down one of the worst decisions that could possibly be made. Without personal loot, pugs have very little opportunity to get loot as the raid leader gives loot to whoever the fuck they feel like giving it to. Did get into a group where the raid leader's significant other is also in the group? Get ready to only get loot after THEY have had their fill.

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    Exactly this right here. I've straight up seen people win a roll and then fucking turn it into enchanting mats immediately.
    You are talking about master loot, which doesn't exist in retail

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    Quote Originally Posted by neocount View Post
    What a truly inspired contribution to the discussion.
    way to necro an almost 2 week old post to have the last word...its not like your response was super beneficial either...if the barometer of useful posts here is an actual thing, there would be almost ZERO posts.

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