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    The Winds of Wisdom 50% Experience Buff Returns!

    The Winds of Wisdom 50% Experience Buff Returns!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    If you’re just returning after a hiatus from World of Warcraft, leveling another character (or two), or preparing to get ready for the Dragonflight expansion then this is the perfect time to jump into the game. Beginning the week of October 4 with each region’s local weekly reset, all World of Warcraft* players level 10-59 will gain the experience buff called “Winds of Wisdom,” which will increase experience gains by 50%!

    Don’t delay. The winds will shift once more when the new dracthyr Evoker becomes playable during the Dragonflight pre-expansion patch, and the experience buff will no longer be available.

    * Experience boost not available in World of Warcraft Classic titles.

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    Good! I was waiting for this to level some characters
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