Hey there,

I used to raid hardcore up until BfA, when I had to put the game down for some major health issues near the end of Eternal Palace progression.

In the past, I’ve raided with Pure on Antonidas (in MoP) and indestructible (in BfA) to name a few. I’m looking to get back into the upper echelon of the raiding scene. I believe I can still perform to my previous levels where I played up to HoF standards.

My main 2 classes are DH and both DPS warrior specs, but I can play most (<<<< most) melee classes to a good level. I’d prefer these 2 though.

I can raid any day EXCEPT Thursday, and ideal times are between 7:30pm central and 12am central time.

Below are the only logs I can still find that exist from BFA on my DH, and you can sort through a few tiers of BFA content from it.


If you want to talk, you can reach my at my btag Rex#16642 or my discord Rex#2788.

Thanks for your time.