Above all else we are trying to build a sense of community here at Tempest. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive guild so with that in mind, we are focusing on finding likeminded individuals that embrace our values. Our wider aim for Tempest is to build a large gaming community where everyone feels welcome which isn’t just limited to WoW.


2 day mythic raiding, Tuesday & Thursday - 20:00-23:00 (server time)

Building on our experience in Shadowlands (6/10 CN, 9/10 SoD, 9/11 SotFO) and looking ahead to Dragonflight, we plan to push for CE in all future raid tiers.

We are currently taking a break from raiding since we feel that we’ve seen everything that Season 4 has to offer. We will start raiding again during the pre-patch to test all the new changes.


We are looking for experienced, consistent and dedicated raiders that are aligned with our community values and are able to provide proof of their mythic raiding history.

Current priority is Tanks, Holy Paladin & Ranged DPS but we are genuinely considering all roles & specs since our team is flexible. We are more concerned with finding the right players vs the right class/spec so please reach out to us.

You can apply directly using the link below - I know some people are afraid of application forms, but I promise it’s short & sweet!

You don’t have to be a mythic raider to join us, everyone is welcome to join the community to take part in all other aspects of the game. There’s no form to fill out for social players, just /w anyone from the guild in game for an invite or use the contact details below to reach out. We also have a new in game community to take advantage of the new Cross Faction system in WoW, it will mainly be used for M+ and social. Anyone (Alliance or Horde) is welcome to join using the link below!

Contact Info

Get in touch on Discord if you have any questions!