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    Easiest and fastest gold farm ?

    I wanna race change,not willing to pay money at the moment so i was wondering is there something to farm that is expensive to get those 2 wow tokens ?

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    With the bonus XP coming tomorrow, probably faster to just start a new toon with the race you want than grind for the gold to get two tokens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relapses View Post
    Boost with your guild. :-)
    There is no other method that even comes remotely close to this except playing the AH before the merge.

    You could also try and become an advertiser for a big guild, but there are strict rules now, what's allowed and what isn't. Still, our advertisers earn incredible amounts of gold.

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    Selling glad followed by selling mythic mounts is best gold per hour

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    agree about selling mythic mounts

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