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    Would make much more sense to me for the Expansion to start with all eight DF Dungeons to show off a brand new Expansion. Then for Season 2/3 rotate four out each Season. Seems pretty daft to me that four of the Dragonflight Dungeons will be irrelevant and ignored after about two weeks when M0 loot is no longer useful.
    agree, though its possible they count with 4 seasons and want to rotate each "half" twice

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    Ideally of course there'd be brand new dungeons added as the patches keep rolling in, but judging from the scarcity during Shadowlands, design resources for such aren't apparently in the mix. Therefore I'd much rather see re-introductions (given that the dungeon ultimately plays out well) of older content than having the same rotation for ages.

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    Mildly torn. I don't mind old dungeons but I feel they should be a one to one each season with new ones for mythic plus.

    The current change feels like an excuse to be lazy with content.

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