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    Question DF: Holy Pally - Perpetual Deliverance

    Let me preface by saying that I've not been on the beta yet, this is just looking at the talent trees, and also with the understanding that most people are theorycrafting around the Glimmer meta...
    Looking at this as a tank healer...
    Important talents
    Tyr's Deliverance: 1.5 min CD, 10 sec HOT (39.375% SP/1sec) + 25% buff to FoL & HL on targets of TD.
    Boundless Salvation: extend the Deliverance window by 1.5 sec and 3.0 sec by FoL and HL respectively.
    Tower of Radiance: +1 HP/cast HL on BoL target
    Divine Revelations: +1% Mana on HL with Infusion of Light
    Resplendent Light: 8% splash of HL
    Inflorescence of Sunwell: 30% +1 HP on HL
    Beacon of Faith (optional): +1 Beacon (-30% effectiveness)
    Seal of Alacrity: +4% haste
    Relentless Inquisitor: +1% Haste on HP spender for 12 sec, 3 stack.
    https://www.wowhead.com/beta/talent-...UQagQRApBQDRQA (I'm currently tinkering, so it might not be perfect)
    Haste stack.
    BoL onto Tank, TD onto Tank. WoG (or LoD)>HS>HL. Using HL as a filler, you should always have plenty of time buffer on your TD to get off shocks, spenders, and CD's as needed.

    I'm willing to be wrong here, but am I missing something?
    Is there a cap of the Boundless Salvation extension that's not listed in the talent?

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    Honestly the way the game has been the last few years i dont ever see us going back to casting Holy Lights no matter what talents Blizzard brings back. During the cast time of a single Holy Light, the targets health pool has probably gone to 20% from 100% and then back to 100% 5 times because of Monk smart healing, Druid and Priest hots and Shammy stuff. Can you imagine trying to maximize Holy Light casts while doing Mythic Jailer ?
    For the Glory of Mankind

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    I think there's a cap of 40 seconds. But yea, you can easily extend it out that entire time. You can test it out on the PTR. There's enough time to cast a spell, hit another global, then cast again and keep it up on a single target. That's after testing it with 10% haste. More haste means more globals to fit in between your holy light casts.
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