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    The Dragonflights arent Major Factions?

    Am I missing something somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnaught View Post
    Am I missing something somewhere?
    no they are not.
    the valdrakken accord is a combination of all the flights, the black dragonflights have specific reps for their 2 leaders, but otherwise just yeah the "overall" combination of the dragons.

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    Blizzard certainly made the effort so that while the dragons ARE prominent and the focus of the story in the Dragon Isles, they aren't the only people there. You get to interact with a large variety of people I assume so as to prevent "Dragon fatigue"

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    it makes sense to be honest the way the zones are made up especially the plains and azure span you do most quest i felt any way with the centaur in the plains and the tuskar in the azure span plus the rep bonus's feel different while as if it were all dragon it would feel samey samey

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    I mean...we got exalted with the bronze dragon flight twice and the Wyrmrest Accord I think at this rate they're good

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